How to Host your Own Website?

In this article, we’ll show you how to host your own website, and what you need, but keep in mind that you’ll just build the worst web hosting environment you can imagine. So, read carefully the following details as there is no way to host a site and make it secure and working without a good paid web hosting company.

Can you really host your own website from home?

This is one of the most common problems that lost fo people neglect. In reality, yes, and no, you can host your website from using your home computer, but that’s just the theory. The reality is completely different, let’s talk about all that.

Using your own computer, you can install any XAMPP or WordPress install and server software. But that doesn’t work like any website you see online. You’ll put your site at 100% of the risk and you’ll have the worst ways to host a website and make it public.

After installation, you’ll need to forward the port 80 to your web server, in addition, you’ll need to set up the additional configuration to make things work. Also, to make a website available online, you need a constant Internet Connection and powerful RAM and resources.

Don’t trust what others say about security, if you install a website on your own computer and make it public, you’ll expose it to online threat and attacks. Even worst, there is no way to protect your site unless you’re one of the best web hosting engineers and experts. Even, if you’re one of them, you’ll need hours of severe configurations and setup to have a minim security level.

Now, for your Internet Service Provider, you’ll violate their terms by forwarding IP and ports. No ISP allows that, so, anytime, they can shut down your services and terminate your account.

If you make simple calculations, you’ll find that you’ll just make things complicated. Combine all the following things together to have an average cost of hosting a site home.

  • Powerful computer
  • Fast Internet connection
  • DNS
  • Security configuration and server tools…

Professionally talking, for a website that receives good traffic, that will cost hundreds of dollars or even thousands without any real value. So, the security will be at its lowest levels. And the site can work but will consume all your monthly Internet quota and of course electricity.

Is that what you wanted in the end? If yes, then, you know what you do. On the other side, if you want to have a secure website, a professional web hosting, and the best website, then, choose one of the services we recommend. These companies do all the work and they have powerful data centers and dedicated web hosting tools, DNS, control panel and everything else.

Why hosting your website from home is a bad idea?

Imagine if you have an idea about making a car, so, you’ll need an engine and all the other things that a car needs. You can spend months, years, or decades building the system and hope it works in the end. Or, you can combine things together and have something that may or may not work.

Now, will you make the job better than big companies? Can you really save money for doing all these things by yourself at home?

The answer is No, simply because of the mass production of products like a web server, and others cut the cost significantly. So, like any other industry, web hosting needs a lot of resources and investments. However, the service is great and the best way to host a website online.

For testing a website and develop it, you can install a simple WordPress software that does the job. But if you want to host a site and make it public, then, it’s just a waste of time and money.

Host your own website professionally

Instead of wasting your time with server configurations and never get what you expect, as a website, you can choose a good company that hosts your website.

Web hosting providers have thousands of web servers, the fastest internet connectivity, and powerful infrastructure built especially to host website and blogs. Even better, by offering web hosting to thousands of customers, the cost will be cheaper and the service will be better and faster.

We tested dozens of the most popular web hosting companies. However, a few of these provider work and offer what we need as a quality web hosting service with strong security, good customer support, and affordable prices.

1. InMotion Hosting

This is our first recommended web hosting provider, it’s the best and the fastest options. The company provides fast SSD hosting with powerful RAM, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disk space. For the website protection, there is a daily malware scanning and high levels of protection against online threats like vIRUS, DDoS and more.

For the website management, the cPanel file manager comes with all the tools you need. That includes, file manager, download and upload files using SFTP or FTP, and even managing the domain name DNS.

There are also other amazing features that need articles to explain. All that powerful way to host your own website costs $3.49 per month and will be a fraction of what you’ll spend on hosting your website using your laptop from home.

How to Host your Own Website

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2. GoDaddy

This is a well known shared web hosting service with SSD servers, big data centers, and premium quality hardware. Unlike the way you host a site from home, GoDaddy makes your website optimized for speed and well-protected against any attack. Even more, the prices are cheap and the quality of the web hosting service is great.

As you can see, hosting your website with a computer and your home internet network is a bad idea. That cost more and offers nothing as real website hosting in the end. If you choose that way, then, good luck, you should know what you’re doing. Or, you can choose one of the above professional web hosts and have the best services and hosting. It’s all about server security, site speed, resources and the uptime these days. And all these providers have 99.99% network uptime and that’s great.

Now, what about you, how do you host your own website?

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