Liquid Web Hosting Review: Good or Bad Servers ?

Looking for a complete review of Liquid Web hosting? And you need details about the web host servers, customer support, and best features? So, read the full article, we tried this provider for years, and we’ll share my experience

Liquid Web is a website hosting service, offering a number of packages for any website or online venture. They are considered a top web hosting service, largely due to their ease of usability and unparalleled technical support and customer service.

Pros of Liquid Web

Reviews for Liquid Web are generally very good, with very few reviews, communicating more dissatisfaction than satisfaction. With this hosting platform, you get your money’s worth with every hosting plan.

A large proportion of the reviews state that, in comparison to other web hosting companies they’ve worked with, Liquid Web offers unparalleled uptime.

Personally, I’ve never found any problems with their hosting services. Furthermore, there seem to be no issues with downtime for anyone, even those who have multiple websites hosted by this company.

Perhaps the biggest Pro, of selecting this one as your web hosting service, however, is their customer service. There seems to be an unprecedented attitude of trust between all staff, particularly technicians, and their consumers.

Users comment on the customer service, stating that they always feel valued by support workers. In addition, the service staff is always eager to help, and always tries to help with every issue they are presented with, however, big or small.

It’s this sense of a willingness to help that sets this web hosting customer service apart from its competition.

Liquid Web Review

Within the customer support element of services, the online chat function appears extremely convenient, user-friendly, and effective.

Bloggers and web hosting users comment that they often obtain customer service solely from the online chat function and that it’s more than sufficient in terms of fixing their issues.

An effective online chat function, such as this, ensures that customers needn’t wait on hold for minutes and minutes, effectively eating into their day and costing them both time and money.

To make things easy for all, here are the Pros of Liquid Web as a leading web hosting provider:

  • Powerful SSD servers
  • Strong server security and daily scanning against malware and virus
  • Best quality hardware available in the market
  • Sophisticated infrastructure  with maximum performance
  • Amazing 100% Uptime guaranteed
  • Professional and easy control panel
  • Award winner customer support
  • Very friendly customer support with the minimum waiting time for customers
  • Thousands of positive reviews around the web that recommend the company
  • Storm on-demand servers
  • The fastest and the best-dedicated server provider
  • The best VPS hosting with powerful resources and super-fast servers
  • SSL certificates with the maximum encryption and security
  • WordPress optimized hosting
  • ECommerce web hosting with PayPal integration
  • Daily server backup service
  • PHP hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • One-Click Auto-installer software
  • Fully managed web hosting service
  • API Access
  • MySQL hosting with the latest versions
  • Easy upgrade or downgrade resources of the server
  • Enterprise hosting
  • PCI compliant hosting
  • Premium data centers
  • More than 400 on-site staff members, including technicians, and engineers
  • Free site migration service

Here is one section of the data center that’s well-built with sophisticated infrastructure and lots of work:

Liquid Web data center
Liquid Web data center

The usability of the features offered by this USA hosting company is largely uncommented in the majority of online reviews. This suggests that they work well and that there are no substantial issues to be found, since no news is, generally speaking, good news.

The data centers use a well-configured power system to maintain a high level of performance without affecting the server quality and response time.

All that comes with top-level security from a trusted web hosting company with years of experience. Here are the main features of every data center they have in the USA:

Data Centers features
Data Centers features

Cons of Liquid Web

Whilst the customer service, in general, is largely praised by the majority of users, the technical support itself has recently come under some criticism.

There seems to be a feeling that web host is, due to their success, growing rapidly and are not able to keep up with their customer’s technical support needs. In short, it seems that the company’s growth is compromising its ability to offer stellar technical service at all times.

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The main complaints are that newer members of support staff seem to be inadequately trained before being allowed to deal with customers and offer them support.

Reviews regarding technical support remain inconsistent, and it’s this issue that appears to be the most problematic for most consumers.

The cost of the services is one of the more expensive ends of the market. This is not largely complained about by customers. However, it does seem to deter new customers from moving to Liquid Web from some of their cheaper competitors.

Although users feel that they pay more for a better product and a better service. The fact that this provider is more expensive than many other web hosting services remains a con.

The features are mostly unmentioned in the majority of reviews. However, some consumers find frustration in the lack of a scriptable FTP method. Customers find options for methods to create offside incremental backups highly useful, and this is an area in which the web host could improve.

Hosting performance

A variety of web hosting plans are available with this company. They offer plans and packages to suit everyone and anyone’s internet web hosting needs, from simple WordPress blogs, to complex, tailored Drupal CMS systems.

The web hosting also offers PHPBB forum hosting, osCommerce online stores, and many more plans to suit many more ventures.

All the web hosting options are extremely high-performance, with maximized speed across all elements of all web ventures, including SSD storage as a basic feature of all web hosting plans offered.

When it comes to the range of features, there are a number of highly useful, invaluable features. In fact, unlimited email accounts, cPanel control panel, SSH secure shell access, redundant nightly backups, and full heroic support management are all given with every web hosting plan offered by the web host.

Liquid Web’s web hosting performance is trusted, so, they offer high-performance hosting for any number of different websites or online ventures.

Alongside this, the company ensures customer satisfaction with high-performance web hosting plans that come with basic features, all of which are highly useful and required for the vast majority of all website styles.

Plans and prices

This provider offers great managed WordPress hosting. In addition, there are VPS plans and dedicated servers. The web hosting cost of the managed blog hosting is $69 per month. And the server’s speed is something you’ll never find on any other web host. It’s fast, secure, and well-optimized.

  • Dedicated servers cost start at $199 per month
  • Woocommerce hosting costs $249/month for online stores that need the fastest servers with full management.
  • Cloud VPS plans start at $59
  • Cloud dedicated plans cost $159
  • Also, the cloud sites cost $150

What happened to their shared web hosting?

The web hosting company has stopped offering cheap shared hosting, and now they focus on VPS and dedicated vers. But for information only, here are the old shared hosting plans that they offered in the past. It was an amazing service with superior quality.

They offer four main plans to all customers, which are flexible (or liquid) in that they can be used and adapted to suit all website and internet needs. The four plans are called Standard, Webmaster, Professional, and Semi-Dedicated. Of course, each of these plans ranges in not only features but the price.

The Standard plan is used to host a single website or blog. It includes 5 GB of SSD disk space as well as 240GB of bandwidth.

The Standard plan also comes with two free domain names, which usually cost an upfront fee. This particular is no longer available as the company focuses on VPS and dedicated hosting.

The Webmaster plan can host multiple websites, so it’s ideal for professional web developers or those who own and deal with more than one website. With the Webmaster plan, 20 GB of disk space is offered, along with 400 GB transfer bandwidth, and three free domain names.

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Considering all of the extras on top of the Standard plan, the Webmaster plan offers excellent value for money, at $19.95 per month.

Whilst the Webmaster plan offers everything necessary for managing multiple websites, the Professional plan takes the service a step further. Not only does it offer more disk space and bandwidth, as well as five free domain names, but it also includes a dedicated IP address and SSL, which comes with a free standard SSL certificate.

The Professional plan offers 40 GB of disk space with 640 GB of bandwidth. The Professional plan is priced at $24.95 per month.

The Semi-Dedicated plan offers all that is present in the Professional package, plus more. With the Semi-Dedicated plan, users are guaranteed server CPU and RAM.

Features include 1 CPU core and 1 GB of RAM, Burstable to 2 CPUs, and 2 GB of RAM. 40 GB of SSD Disk Space, five free domain names, 640 GB transfer bandwidth, a free standard SSL certificate, and a dedicated IP address are all also offered. The Semi-Dedicated plan is priced at $40 per month.

Customer support

The customer support is, on the whole, excellent. The hosting company offers customer support around the clock, 24/7. In addition, they term their technical support Heroic Support and pride themselves on their heroic efforts when it comes to answering every question or fixing every issue raised by any one of their customers.

Liquid Web customer support
Liquid Web customer support

Liquid Web has a 30-minute help desk guarantee, as well as a 59-second live chat guarantee and a 59-second phone call guarantee.

In short, this website hosting provider feels so confident in their technical support staff that they promise customer satisfaction within 30 minutes when users call the help desk, or within 59 seconds when using the live chat function, or if a technical support staff member calls a customer directly.

The fact that there are multiple options when users contact the support staff is certainly positive. The online chat function provided is particularly user-friendly and hassle-free. However, Liquid Web has come under recent criticism for the reported decline in good technical support staff.

Liquid Web technical support staff
Liquid Web technical support staff

It seems that newer technical support employees are not adequately trained to deal with customer queries, resulting in frustration for users and the tarnishing of a stellar customer support reputation.

This being said, the customer service is still excellent, and their staff remains friendly, willing, and helpful.

What control panel does Liquid offer?

Liquid Web uses cPanel as its control panel of choice. It’s a Linux-based control panel. Its purpose is to make hosting a website simpler and more user-friendly, by providing a graphical interface along with other tools, specifically automation tools.

cPanel is purposefully designed to work for administrators, resellers, and the end-user owners of the website, using its three-tier structure. Within this, all users of the website are able to control the website through an ordinary standard web browser.

The dedicated hosting provider offers both, Linux hosting and Windows server hosting, So, it has the most popular server operating systems that you can choose from. Moreover, Liquid Web favors cPanel as its control panel due to its excellent GUI (graphical user interface). In addition to its command line and API-based access, it makes it easier for third parties to automate standard system administration processes.

The cPanel is extremely user-friendly and simple to use. For Liquid Web hosting users, it comes with Softaculous, an innovative one-click installer.

That’s what makes it easy to install software such as WordPress on the plan, in addition to other plugins. All in all, this hosting appears to be committed to ensuring that they are offering not only the best and most comprehensive control panel possible but also the control panel. That offers the most flexibility, allowing all Liquid Web users to benefit from it.

Of course, the one-click auto-installer software comes with hundreds of open-source applications, including the following ones in the image:

one-click install application
One-click install application

Featured Customers

Unlike many other web hosting services, this one, as a premium web hosting, works with the biggest companies in the world to host their websites. There are lots of customers, but I just wanted to feature a few ones that are well-known, for all of us.

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This is the preferred web hosting provider for big companies like Porsche, Audi, Motorola, Red Bull, MTV, the United Nations, National Geographic, Mayo Clinic, American Airlines, and many more brands.

Here are a few of them:

Liquid Web customer reviews

Reviews from real customers

There is no need to think about professionalism if you host your website with Liquid Web. It’s the best web hosting service with amazing features and advanced options for all.

Their different hosting solutions, such as shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, and dedicated hosting, come with lots of freebies and super fast server response time that a few companies can own.

The following is one of the hosting reviews from a customer or a partner, like what the company wants to call. He recommends the service for its great customer support and the quality of its dedicated servers:

customer review

Here is another Liquid Web customer testimonial that recommends the company for all:

customer testimonials

Is Liquid Web good or bad?

After this review and details, the company is recommended as a service for a number of reasons. From its customer service to its user-friendly priorities, it’s an excellent option when it comes to choosing a web hosting service provider.

The first reason for recommending Liquid Web’s service is its uptime/downtime ratio. It seems that there is very little downtime on websites hosted there, causing little if any, inconvenience or disruption to users and consumers.

Whilst the service does seem to be a little more expensive than some of its main market competitors, a certain level of good value for money seems to be maintained. So, customers seem to feel that they get their money’s worth, with very Liquid Web complaints on record of consumers who feel that they are paying too much for the service they are provided with.

Good customer service and technical support are what the web hosting company prides itself on most. They claim that the support offered is heroic, referring to their support staff as heroes.

Whilst there do seem to be some negative comments regarding apparent changes to the technical support staff. The general consensus seems to be that technical customer support staff are enthusiastic when it comes to helping their customers.

The technical service is described as friendly and helpful, and the staff certainly seems to be more than willing to go above and beyond, when it comes to helping and aiding their customers with any query or issue, be it big or small.

All of Liquid Web’s functions are extremely user-friendly, from its clear and comprehensive website and handy online chat function to the very control panel it uses.

When it comes to the web hosting itself, the web host offers high-performance web hosting and a number of hosting plans to choose from. The four available hosting plans are the Standard plan, the Webmaster plan, the Professional plan, and the Semi-Dedicated plan.

The range of plans offered allows customers to select the best option for them, tailoring the plan to their own needs. Again, LiquidWeb, as a team and a company, is dedicated to making life as easy as possible for its customers.


The final reason that Liquid Web’s service is recommended is their choice of the control panel. cPanel is extremely user-friendly, offering a pleasing graphical interface and allowing for a select number of parties, including third parties.

That’s what lets people access the website and control it from an administrative standpoint. Further to this, Liquid Web offers cPanel with Softaculous, making installation super easy.

In short, after this review, the fully managed web hosts are, as their name suggests, fluid and flexible web hosting providers. They’ve thousands of real customer reviews that recommend the service. They’re offering the most high-quality and user-friendly functions possible with professional server configurations and protection.

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