Can you use Bluehost in the UK?

Bluehostis a US-based web hosting providers, but can you really use it in the UK?

And if you can, does that impact your website ranking, user experience, speed, and other things?

So, let’s find out the truth and what you need to keep in mind before hosting with Bluehost.

Firstly, Bluehost has a one single data center in Provo, Utah, and if you build a website, a blog or any other form of an online project, you’ll be 7900 KM far away from London.

So, when someone from the UK visits your website, his browser will request the files and wait for them to be delivered from thousands of kilometers long.

What that means? It’s like going out to bring something that you already have in your room. So, even if you have the best site caching and the best servers speed (that, unfortunately, Bluehost doesn’t have), your site will be fully loaded in 4, 5, 9 seconds or more depending on many things.

If you add the WordPress core files, then, the loading time of any page will be slower, and you’ll lose visitors who don’t want to wait that long time.

So, instead of wasting that time, you can use any UK based web host that delivers the page content faster than any other web host from long distances.

Bluehost servers

Now, let’s talk about Google, by default, Google can understand your blog or website content and what geographical location your target from the server’s IP address.

That means, if you use Bluehost hosting, Google will understand that you want a visit from the USA primarily. In this case, you’ll lose ranking in the UK search market because of that, even more, your site will perform worse than what you may think.

You can only correct that by having a .UK domain name, but even with that, there are many complicated things that may not help your site to rank better.

So, if we conclude, here are the main disadvantages of using Bluehost for your UK website:

  • slower page loading time
  • bad user experience
  • problems with Google and other search engine ranking

For these reasons, it’s better for your website to be hosted on UK servers. That way, your site will load faster, and the user experience will be better. Furthermore, crawling and indexing your pages and finding that their location is in the UK means a lot these days in terms of ranking.

Alternatives to Bluehost in the UK

W talked in the past about UK based web hosts, so you can check out that article for more details. However, if you’re in a hurry, here are the best companies to host your site with.

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1. HeartInternet

This is a good Bluehost alternative web hosting in the UK. The company uses better servers that are optimized for speed and have a good caching system.

In addition, unlike Bluehost, they have SSD powered servers, which means faster storage and accelerated server CPU.

2. Pressidium

Pressidium is a premium web hosting provider for WordPress that works faster than Bluehost and similar services. Its enterprise-level web host offers great features for small business and big companies.

Every web hosting plan is managed and nothing can be better than that in today’s world of online attacks, severs security problems, speed, etc…

You don’t have to worry about all the server things, instead, focus on your UK business and let a professional web hosting experts do the job for you.

3. 123 Reg

With this web host, you can build a website on WordPress or any other CMS. Best of all, it’s a trusted company with lots of servers and thousands of happy customers.

We recommend installing a caching plugin if you want to use WordPress. That makes your blog faster.

These are the best Bluehost alternative web hosting services in the UK. You don’t have to pay for expensive hosting packages that make your website load slower than other web hosts in your country.

In the UK, there are many good hosting companies, and you can use them for your professional website.

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