5 Best Benefits of Blogging: Why Do People Use Blogs?

Before starting a blog, you’ll need web hosting, and we regularly share tips, recommendations, and guides for beginners and everyone else.

But, once you have the blog, you’ll need to make one or more goals for starting the site. So, in today’s guide, we’ll talk about the different purposes to use a blog for these days.

But first, remember that you don’t even need to install WordPress and start blogging.

There are many trusted platforms for that, and HostGator is the best-recommended web host for serious bloggers. They have SSD accelerated servers, and they offer a free domain with pre-installed WordPress software and amazing customer support.

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What can you create a blog for?

1. Market your business online

If you have a small business, company, or project, then, you’ll need a blog to market your products, show their benefits, and make more sales.

These days, blogging is not only for hobbies and sharing daily life tips, but big brands are using it to attract new customers from all around the world.

Here is how it works, let’s say, you have products on website creation, that can be tools, software, apps, etc…

So, if you write regular blog posts about your services, and share tips for fixing common website maintenance problems, you’ll have organic traffic from Google.

That way, when someone reads your guide, he can see the product that you mentioned somewhere in the blog post and buy it. But don’t promote your products all the way, you need to share tips and help others at the same time.

2. Share your personal views

If you have the passion to talk about something you like, then a blog will be the best way to show what you think.

There are many popular blogs with specific topics like politics, social media, engineering, and even events. These blogs post regularly about the main topic, and their owners have thousands of readers and subscribers.

The issue with these sites is that you need to have a custom website design or at least, make sure you use a premium quality theme to attract more intention. That’s what we think is best for a specific topic blog. You’ll make it unique, and others will remember your site when visiting it again.

When you write about something interesting, and you share your own point of view, people can find your blog post and read it. However, be prepared to respond to any comments if you post regularly.

There are many debates on many topics, and if you write about something controversial, you’ll attract more readers. So, make sure you enable the comment system in WordPress and never lose that power of blog discussion.

3. Share the latest news

When you build a blog and you write about the latest news, make sure you cover different topics.

It’s not a magazine-style blog, but you can attract more visitors by encouraging readers to share your posts via social media. There are many social sharing tools for WordPress that you can use.

The problem with this kind of blog content is that you need to be aware of all the new social media posts with many shares and reactions.

Then, find more details about the news and write about it on your blog. You can organize the site by topics and even artists if you write about that content.

4. Be the expert

If you’re an expert on doing something, you can write about that in many articles and posts. You can also teach people how to fix problems in their daily life or show them how to make things easier.

There are many YouTube channels for that, but there are many who prefer reading step-by-step instructions and guides instead of watching a video on YouTube.

If your blog contains enough posts with quality, you can become an authority in that niche and others will mention your site and even recommend it. However, blogging is not only writing and publishing but also collaboration and social interactions.

If you write about a new topic, then, don’t forget to share it with your friends and circles. That will help you to get more exposure and succeed.

5. Reviewing products

Not all people can make this kind of site, it needs lots of work and real passion. But if you can write about the pros and cons of products that are related to the topic, you’ll attract a good readership.

This type of blogging has a huge potential for profit, but you can also compare products and monetize the site later with Google Adsense or other ways.


These are the main things to use a blog for and write posts, articles, and news. If you have a blog, make sure you share your best tips for making it successful or other tricks that beginners may need to know.

Everyone has a different point of view and combining all together can make things clear for many.

Before choosing web hosting, make sure you learn how much you need to pay for blog hosting. There are many options and different levels of server optimizations. So, you can try blog hosting before deciding which company to sign up for.

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