Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting: 10 Companies with the Best Services

With so many companies and offers, choosing the right services that suit your budget and business needs may take time. However, if you want to try a service to find the features, then, only the monthly billing WordPress hosting options are what you need.

For that reason, I’m going to list the best blog hosting companies with short-term plans. That way, even if you find any problem, you can cancel your account and move to another host. But, the good news is that I tested and even used these providers. So, you know the real details and features, and of course, I only talk about professional services with friendly customer support.

Now, for more details and features, read the following content. You’ll find more options and information about each provider.

1. HostGator: One-month plans

HostGator has a WordPress hosting plan with monthly billing that comes in two forms, the shared and the managed hosting solutions, and they work well for WordPress and blogging in general.

The monthly billed hosting plans come with easy setup and cPanel. So, there are all the tools to manage your blog files and configure everything from one place.

The monthly cost of the shared hosting plan is $10.95 and you can also choose other options like “business” or “baby”.

In terms of resources and server specifications, HostGator is among the best monthly blog hosting providers you can count on. I started with them like thousands of site owners and bloggers. So, you can give the web host a try, and get exceptional customer assistance when you need help.

This web host is located in Houston, Texas, and it’s one of the biggest web hosting providers in the United States. So, bloggers (even beginners) get security suits for their blogs and WordPress should work faster compared to other shared web hosts out there.

On the other hand, if you want the best of your monthly WordPress blog hosting resources and speed, then choose one of their managed server plans and focus on growing your site content instead of dealing with tools, design, and complicated configurations.

2. Ultra Web Hosting ($5.95 per month)

Ultra is one of the cheapest monthly hosting WordPress plans. The cost is just $5.95 for the first plan which comes with ultra-fast SSD servers, and advanced caching technologies. The result is a super-fast WordPress site that works better than any other web host.

Monthly WordPress plan cost

This is also a green web hosting that you can use and count on. There is a daily malware scanner tool, a high level of protection, and good customer support. Additionally, Ultra Web Hosting provides easy solutions with powerful features including cPanel and more. Another good feature of this monthly billed web hosting, that accept payments from PayPal, credit cards, and also BitCoin.

3. iPower ($3.75 in monthly billing)

With cheap monthly billing WordPress hosting plans, this service offers what everyone needs. There is a little secret with this hosting, the shared hosting does not have monthly options, however, the WordPress plans come with that. So, make sure you click on their WordPress Plan link to get the monthly payment options.

$3.75 per month WP plan

The web host offers unlimited monthly bandwidth and disk space. Also, there is a one-click installer tool for lots of software including WordPress.

4. GreenGeeks: green monthly billing hosting

I started using this service for their month to month WordPress hosting and found it exceptional in terms of quality, especially the loading time.

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GreenGeeks is a green hosting provider with decades of experience. In addition, the server optimizations for WordPress distinguish them from other shared web hosts.

The shared blog hosting plan costs $3.95, and it comes with unlimited hosting resources (disk storage and bandwidth), free domain, and marketing offers.

Monthly billing WordPress hosting

On the other hand, there is a fully managed WordPress hosting for faster servers and extra levels of security. That kind of hosting is recommended for professional blogs. Furthermore, the service is fully managed by expert WordPress technicians, and it costs $8 per month.

The only bad thing about this host is the fees they add for the first month. So, yes, there is a setup fee that costs $14 one time.

5. StudioPress Sites: Fully managed monthly payment plans

Now, this great web host was acquired by WP Engine, so it’s even better. I remember the first days when this great company started offering quarterly plans, but after a few weeks, they asked customers for a survey and added hosting plans per month in response to the requests. So, that option can help bloggers to pay smaller amounts of money.

Monthly option switcher

For quality, the StudioPress Sites is an exceptional fully managed web hosting that’s billed monthly.

In fact, it was built especially for WordPress blogs, web stores, and small business websites that use the software. In addition, there are no complicated settings or even installations. The company offers Pre-installed WordPress with easy setup and well-optimized servers.

On the other hand, there is no need to use any theme. That’s because the company offers 20 of their best premium Genesis themes for free with every account. In fact, StudioPress builds professional themes with the highest levels of security and follows the web design best practices, and tricks.

Personally, I don’t think you should buy your theme from any company as you get one for free, and even better than what you can find on popular marketplaces.

For your blog security, the company provides free SSL certification from Let’s Encrypt, the most popular open-source SSL provider. That means hassle-free hosting in the end as you don’t need to do any SSL installation or even look for one.

These trusted certificates are generated automatically, and everything works between the web server and the SSL issuer company. However, if you want to build an eCommerce site and sell items online, then, you’ll need a Wildcard SSL that supports subdomains and all your checkout pages.

With affordable monthly WordPress hosting prices, the StudioPress Sites outranked other popular companies. And it becomes on the top list of the cheapest optimized web hosts for WordPress blogs.

Instead of a regular VPS, or even a dedicated server that’s not optimized, I do recommend hosting your blog with this one.

When you visit their official website, you’ll find web hosting with a monthly payment. The page will look like the following screenshot, so, choose the monthly option using the price slide switcher button.

6. GoDaddy ($10.99 hosting billed monthly)

GoDaddy is a popular web hosting that’s paid monthly, for both WordPress and static web hosting. There are millions of domains and lots of customers that use their servers. So, there are dozens of services for small business websites, and blogs. However, I only recommend GoDaddy if you want to start small or have a site that’s already receiving a little traffic.

I’m talking about WordPress in the first place as the servers are shared, and even GoDaddy’s managed hosting is not as good as the above web hosts.


GoDaddy is still a good affordable monthly billing WordPress hosting solution, and there is the professional customer support that won lots of rewards.

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Make sure to select Deluxe or Ultimate plans to have the option of monthly hosting payments. The cost per month starts from $10.99 and it goes up to $16.99 for faster servers and more software optimization.

GoDaddy monthly plan

7. InterServer: Cheapest monthly billing blog hosting

This is not a well-known company like GoDaddy or others, but what they offer is attractive for blogging. The WordPress hosting that’s fully managed costs $8 every month, and it works well. On the other side, there is a regular hosting plan for different types of websites that cost $5 per month.

InterServer distinguishes itself from the other companies as it doesn’t change the pricing. In other words, there is a system that locks the price when the customer signs up and uses the services.

Thus, when you choose any of their cheap monthly hosting packages, your credit card or PayPal account will be billed the same amount for life. In addition, InterServer offers cloud-based Linux and also web servers, which are available with monthly web hosting payments no matter what plan you choose and what software you install.

managed hosting plans

For easy management, cPanel is offered with every plan and there are lots of management tools for WordPress and the server files. Additionally, you can use SFTP, FTP, or SSH access to upload and download files.

For migration, InterServer transfers your blog for free without the need to hire a technician as in the case with many others. If you look for quality and affordable prices, then, this will be the best month to month web hosting company of your choice.

8. WP Engine: Monthly Billing WordPress Hosting (best option)

With an established business, this company has made great progress in server customizations and protection. WP Engine uses cloud-based Linux servers by Linode. But it modifies and customizes everything in the servers like caching, firewall, and more.

For speed, this is one of the fastest web hosts with advanced options, and for those who prefer paying monthly for good WordPress hosting. The yearly plans come with 2 months of free hosting, and that’s the advantage of a longer-term subscription.

Monthly WordPress hosting by WP Engine

The WordPress monthly cost is $27, and the smallest plan comes with free SSL, local SSD storage, and customer assistance by phone or tickets 24/7.

WP Engine is a managed web host service with blogging options such as the staging area, WordPress multisite that’s ready for the professional plan and higher, and of course, there is PHP 7 with every install.

For your money protection, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, you have the time to try their service before deciding to sign up for their website hosting that’s billed monthly.

9. Liquid Web: Fastest hosting with monthly billing

In the last couple of years, I used the VPS plans, and then, I decided to give their managed hosting a try. Then, I was amazed by the quality and the support. However, all that costs more for a superior quality monthly WordPress hosting that works faster and much better.

Liquid Web specializes in dedicated servers, and they built a custom server configuration for WordPress with an advanced caching system for the whole blog and the image compression system that works automatically.

WordPress monthly hosting features

There are different solutions. The first one is good for freelancers and bloggers who look for speed, security, and real customer support.

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The second package is recommended for professional sites and online stores, and you can add up to 20 installs. Finally, the third plan which is recommended for agencies offers up to 40 WordPress installs on the same account.

cPanel is great and it offers blog file management and email setup. Thus, you can choose the cPanel WordPress option which costs less.

On the other side, if you look for better solutions, then, choose the Managed WordPress portal instead; it comes with a well-designed dashboard that professional bloggers use.

10. InMotion Hosting’s monthly hosting plan

InMotion is one of the best month-to-month WordPress hosting services. Hence, only the Pro plan was configured for this option.

For that, to get that hosting option, you need to click the following image first. Then, when you visit their site, make sure to choose the Pro plan and you’ll get the option to pay per month for WordPress hosting or any other application.

One month hosting plan

Advantages of hosting per month

Starting a blog with a cheap monthly WordPress hosting plan saves money. But when you want to have more options and server resources, yearly payment cycles work better.

I started blogging and I was paying per month the hosting costs as there were doubts about the quality and the problems that the site may face. But later, when things looked professional, I’ve chosen the yearly plan because it saves money with special discounts and even it adds extra features.

So, I always recommend choosing month-by-month web hosting in the beginning to have an accurate idea about the company and its services.

Later, you can sign up for a long-term plan if you find everything working well, or, you can simply cancel your hosting account and move to another web host. That’s the main advantage of choosing a short-term monthly billing WordPress hosting plan.

Cons of choosing a monthly billing hosting service

If you can only pay per month for your hosting plan, then, that’s okay and there is nothing to worry about. Blogs with a limited hosting budget should choose this option. However, that comes with expensive costs in the long term.

The monthly payment options are expensive compared to the yearly payment. In addition, there is the risk of getting issues with the payment method, especially credit cards that can expire and you’ll need to update them to avoid the service cancellation. Or, sometimes you’ll need to pay manually because the system is not working properly for any reason.

The majority of hosting companies offer a free domain name but only with long-term contacts. So, the monthly hosting plan is still a good option, but the blogger will need to purchase the domain name or have it already.

So, in conclusion, if you want to save money, then choose hosting plans for one year and more. That will be much better and you’ll focus on building your blog content and not the billing problems.

Which monthly WordPress hosting works better?

Tip: Our best recommended monthly billed web host is HostGator and it works fast and if you take the cost into consideration, you’ll find it the right option.
Do you prefer monthly billing WordPress hosting or yearly plans? And if you used any of the above services, what was your experience with them? Your opinion matters and when you share it with others everyone knows the pros, and cons of each company.

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