Fastest PHP hosting service for your blog

Is there any way to have a fast PHP hosting that’s affordable and also reliable for WordPress?

It’s really easy to get a shared web hosting under 5 dollars or so, but what about the quality and the speed?

With many choices and options, InMotion Hosting is one of the best companies that offer fast hosting with well-optimized servers and good support.


And Yes, InMotion offers PHP hosting, but not any version, it’s the latest one. Of course, you can use older versions if you want, but if you care about speed and performance, then, choose the PHP 7.

Why PHP 7 is so important?

Stats and studies showed that PHP 7 works faster in terms of speed, and it consumes fewer resources. So, with the right hosting, websites, applications, and software will save lots of bandwidth and work faster.

In the last article, we talked about the InMotion Hosting features, and why it’s the recommended WordPress hosting. So, you can take a look and learn more about the specifications.

The problem with CMS like WordPress, Drupal or even Joomla and others is the nature of the system itself. It works based on operations and execution between PHP and MySQL. So, the servers should handle thousands of operations and access the disk storage fast to deliver the web page faster to the customer’s browser.

Even, if you install the required software, you may miss something like optimizations and even the network uptime and connection can be somehow bad. So, the result will be a slow website or blog. Additionally, if you add the installation of plugins and tool, things will be hard to manage and you can risk the site with plugins conflict.

For that reason, it’s better to go with web hosting that understands the nature of PHP and optimize the server to work better, and faster. Companies like HostGator and Bluehost are owned by the same group. When it comes to offering, they send great ones, but when you talk about speed, it’ a different story.

I tried InMotion and it worked better, of course, it’s still a shared hosting in the end. So, expect some issues. Or if you want a fully managed PHP hosting, then, use Liquid Web.


PHP 7 was designed and built for speed, performances, and ease of use, you can use it for end Framework, for example, as the results showed a great difference with old versions. But don’t use that version with applications and frameworks that are outdated or that are at least, not PHP 7 friendly.

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Also, if you use WordPress, make sure you have the latest version, or you’ll find lots of issues with incompatibilities and other things.

I recommend asking your website developer or company if PHP 7 will be compatible with your theme code. And if you find any problem, you can choose another PHP version from your cPanel dashboard. Or ask the host to do that for you.

In general, this issue happens with outmoded themes that come in low quality. So, why not choose a great premium theme instead. And for plugins make sure you have a version that is up to date.

Plugins that have been updated 6 months ago is not a problem, but if you find the last update from one year or more, then, things will be different. You can search for an alternative to that tool, you’ll find a lot.

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