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5 unlimited web hosting services

Want a good unlimited hosting plan for your website, blog, or eCommerce store? And you don’t have the time to search a lot and find disk space and bandwidth limitations? So, here we’re going to show you the best providers with unlimited web hosting and great service.

Unlimited web hosts

1. iPage

iPage is the best unlimited hosting option on this list. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a simple blog or build a complete business website, iPage offers what you need in one place.

For domains, you get one for free without limits on bandwidth and disk space usage. That means a lot for those who need more resources but without slowing down the whole server.

The web host offers a daily malware scan and a good security suite for your website. In addition, their website builder tool comes with hundreds of amazing templates and hosting with responsive design.

Now, for support, there are many times when users find issues with a plugin or a tool. Luckily, there is a great support service that you can contact by phone, live chat or tickets. Additionally, with a lot list of tutorials, you can fix all the problems you may find.

Unlimited Web Hosting

iPage has an easy to use control panel for website management. So, you can upload files or use the FTP connection to modify files or download them with a few clicks.

On the other hand, iPage is a great unlimited domain hosting service with fast servers and years of experience. So, we recommend their service for both beginners and advanced users.

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a quality web hosting with unlimited resources. That includes the bandwidth and also the disk storage for your account. The difference with this web host is the fast SSD servers and the powerful caching system that accelerates websites.

InMotion also, offer free SSL certificate, so, you don’t need to worry about encryption and Google chrome warning about that.

To choose the right web hosting plan with unlimited resources, you need to know how much domains you’re willing to host. The two first plans come up to 6 websites to host.

However, the third hosting plan lets you host unlimited domains and that’s what we’re talking about today. So, choose the PRO plan if you need unlimited domains hosting, or choose one of the other plans if you don’t have too many domains to add.

InMotion, on the other side, won lots of award for their quality web hosting plans and customer support. The company offers support 24/7 through expert technicians based in the USA.

For infrastructure, inMotion Hosting has two data centers in East and West of the US.

3. GoDaddy

This is the third recommended web host, GoDaddy is a popular website hosting provider and also a domain name registrar.

The GoDaddy’s first plan is not unlimited, however, there other two plans are what you need. These unlimited hosting packages include lots of apps to install with a powerful tool.

The GoDaddy server includes 24/7 DDoS monitoring and protection, furthermore, you can host unlimited MySQL databases. please note that the limitations may be different in the future, so, we recommend checking their plans again.

Godaddy unlimited resources

4. InterServer

InterServer is a really cheap, but reliable web hosting, disk space and bandwidth are unlimited. All that cost $5 per month, and honestly, that’s cheaper than the other provider in the short term and also long terms.

What we want to highlight is their SSD infrastructure and also the fast servers. InterServer is a fast web hosting that we recommend for both, personal blogs and business sites.

In parallel with unlimited data transfers, there is unlimited email hosting, and unlimited FTP and forwarders. All that includes a cheap domain name that cost $1.99 and good customer support.

web hosting features

5. FatCow

This is another well known and popular web host with no limits on disk space and also on server bandwidth. The main hosting plan cost $49 per year and comes with unlimited mailboxes, over $200 in marketing offer for free.

The control panel is not the same as cPanel, however, it’s great and not complicated like many others. So, if you want to start a blog, for example, you can install WordPress, and get affordable Linux hosting with secure servers.

For those who need eCommerce hosting, there is a shopping cart integration. In addition, there is SSL secure connections and a good level of server protection.

Of course, the server is well configured to work with any app or software, however, it’s the fastest web hosting. So, for shared hosting, we recommend FatCow, but for dedicated resources, we recommend one of the above web hosts.

Why we need unlimited web hosting?

A lot of people think that a VPS is the right hosting solution for websites, however, they neglect things like limitations and the cost. It’s right that a VPS has more power, but what about the cost and what you get as resources? Do you really need them?

For example, if you have a website that receives a few visitors each day, then, hosting on shared serves may be better. Even, if you have dozens of domains to host, think about the cost you pay, and if you really need what you get.

For that reason, we recommend starting with shared web hosting for beginners especially.

That will give you a cost-effective plan without affecting your website loading time and speed. The same thing applies to parked domains, why would you host parked domains on expensive servers?

So, the shared unlimited hosting plan should be your first solution. These services have all the tools you need.

Things like website builder and installer software can help a lot. You can install as many WordPress blogs as you need. But keep in mind that unlimited does not means, slow down the whole server.

We hope you find the best hosting on this shortlist of good services we tested. Make sure you compress your website files using the cPanel optimize tool.

That will speed up your website and make it better. Also, bookmark your cPanel login page, so, next time, you can access it without wasting the time.

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