Comparing GoDaddy Economy and Deluxe Hosting Plans

What’s the best plan to choose, the GoDaddy Economy or Deluxe? And what about server speed, resources, disk space, and bandwidth? Are you going to choose the hosting package based on pricing only? Or you’re looking for specifications and tools?

The GoDaddy web host company offers different web hosting plans for your website or WordPress blog. But if you look closely, you’ll find differences that you should know from the beginning. So, in his guide, we’ll talk about the t differences between the Deluxe and Economy hosting plan that GoDaddy offers.

Below, we’ll show you details about each package, but if you need a quick overview, then, here is a comparison table of the two plans, so you know more about the features, limits, and pricing.

GoDaddy Economy vs Deluxe: Quick Evaluation:

In reality, if we compare the Two web hosting packages, there is one major difference only, it’s the number of websites that GoDaddy allows. For that, if you only want to host a single website or blog, then, GoDaddy Economy is the best choice. 

On the other hand, for those who need to host more than one website (multiple installations), GoDaddy Deluxe is the right choice. Everything else is nearly the same and if you sign up for this offer now, you’ll save 50% and so, instead of $112 for the one-year plan, you pay only $71.94.

The difference: As you can see, GoDaddy has raised the prices of all their hosting plans, according to the latest cPanel license plans. So, cPanel is a company that provides WEB server management for customers, and of course, GoDaddy offers cPanel for all the Linux plans, and as a result, there is an average of $2 increase in costs for all plans.

GoDaddy Economy vs Deluxe

GoDaddy Deluxe Linux Hosting plan with cPanel

GoDaddy Economy Plan

As the web hosting provider prefers to call it, it’s an economy web hosting plan for starters and people with a limited budget. So, there is no need to waste the money for the high level of resources and multiple domains hosting when you only need to host a blog or website with little traffic.

That’s the main goal of offering the Linux or Windows Economy hosting plans, you save money and you get what you need for one website or blog. Even if you want to build an eCommerce site, this plan is enough to start with, but make sure you upgrade or add more resources if your site gets lots of traffic later.

The GoDaddy economy plan comes with cPanel, FTP, file manager, and best of all, it costs $2.49 for one payment of 36 months or $4.95 if you choose to pay yearly.

Now, if you think about limitations, then, keep in mind that what GoDaddy offers in these plans as disk space and bandwidth is enough and even more, your site will never reach that high level of hosting resources in general.

100 GB of disk space is more than enough to host a blog, site, or any other project, and best of all, there is unmetered bandwidth.

Thus, the cost to start a blog will be acceptable for what you h-get as options and tools compared to other web hosts.

So, what is the GoDaddy Deluxe Plan?

Unlike the GoDaddy Economy hosting package, the Deluxe plan comes with unlimited subdomains and storage. So, in a few words, it’s for webmasters or bloggers who want to host multiple websites.

In addition, there are more server CPU limitations, unlimited hosting space and of course better performance. But wait, don’t be confused with speed, the above plan is also good for fast loading time, but that’s only for one domain while this one is for unlimited domains.

The GoDaddy Deluxe plan offers 25 MySQL databases, and each should have 1GB of space. So, it’s good for up to 25 sites at maximum to have the best performance.

Best GoDaddy Web hosting Package

GoDaddy hosting is cheap and recommended for WordPress and other CMS, so, you can choose the plans that suit your site needs and budget. But also, don’t pay for resources that you don’t even need. For that reason, keep things simple.

  1. Choose the Economy plans if you’re planning to host one single blog or website
  2. Choose the Deluxe plan if you need to host multiple blogs or websites

Both plans work well for WordPress, Drupal, Perl, Joomla, and other apps. So, you don’t have to worry about software installation. There is one-click installer software for these open source apps. In addition, the cPanel comes with the great File Manager, FTP accounts, domain manager, forward, and of course email setting options.

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