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iPage Security Suite for your WordPress Blog, does it Really Work?

The WordPress directory is full of plugins and tools to harden your files and protect them. However, if your web hosting is not secure, then, nothing will work. If you want to use the iPage security suite for your blog or website, then, make sure you know what they offer before installing any software.

I used iPage hosting for a small blog and I tested their service for 2 years. So, I know what I’m talking about and I hope this can help you in any way to understand the truth and make everything safe on your server.

What’s the iPage security

Like many web hosting services, iPage provides a security tool in parallel with SSL that you can install. Basically, the software should be installed on your server. So, it scans all the website files on that server including yours.

For a shared hosting, frankly, you’re not going to protect your site at 100% without their software. You can use free plugins and tools, but you can’t achieve their professional security level.

So, the website protection relies on two things, the SiteLock which is the number one security service for websites. Second, the SSL certificated that you can get for discounted prices from Comodo through iPage.

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If you run an eCommerce website, the SiteLock is a must-have add-on to secure your site including transactions, and customer data.

iPage offer hosting discounts and that’s great for many, for security, no everyone wants to what they offer.

What SiteLock does for your website?

SiteLock is a company based in the United States exactly in Arizona. It’s a complete cloud security service that protected over 6 million sites until now. SiteLock scans website files for malware, vulnerabilities and clean it professionally. Additionally, the system protects your site from DDoS attacks and prevent them the right way.

In parallel with protection, SiteLock has a global CDN and website acceleration services. So, every website hosted by iPage gets the power of security with world-class infrastructure.

If you’re willing to go professional with CDN, then, SiteLock has a great solution called TrueSpeed. In addition to the strong security configurations, the system has data centers in many countries and regions.

Depending on the level of security you want and the type of website you host, there are different packages:

  1. Find: This is for small blogs, it provides basic but strong protection and malware scan
  2. Fix: This works better for medium size websites
  3. Prevent: This protection is highly recommended for eCommerce websites. It secures everything and comes with a security and trust seal.

For WordPress, SiteLock is the best security software. Unlike the majority of tools, SiteLock is a cloud-based system that scans WordPress files and core for hidden code, malware, vulnerabilities and injected database codes. Then, it classifies the threats and blocks them before the automatic removing.

No matter what level of security you want to achieve, SiteLock is your best friend with web hosting companies like iPage, Bluehost and others. It works in real time and prevents hacks and attacks with advanced web Firewall.

The PCI compliance features make iPage one of the most secure web hosting services. It helps you to look professional with full website encryption and protection. The security seal you add to your website helps to increase the sales and attract more customers. In fact, statistics show that adding a security seal on your online store can increase the sales by 10% to 20% depending on your website design. The more professional design you use, and the better position you add the SiteLock seal, the better trust your website gets (of course, you must have great products or service).

Also, the Firewall offers the best security against virus and malware. It helps a lot, especially with websites selling items online.

Unlike many tools, the SiteLock security seal that you get is real working protection and not just a small icon.

SSL security

It’s the fastest, and the most secure, that’s the Comodo SSL certificates. Comodo is one of the leaders in the security certificates worldwide and HTTPS encryption. iPage uses the company’s service and they partnered with them to offer the strongest website security and hosting at once.

Scanning your website is the right prevention of online threats, but SSL is your best protection for credit card transactions and your customers’ personal details. Think about this, a customer comes to your online store, find a great product and he’s ready to buy. Next, when he scans your checkout page for the trust and security icons, he finds nothing. Finally, the customer goes away and shop with your competitor’s website.

No one wants to be in that situation, believe it or not, SSL is a real weapon for online marketing and selling. Statistics proved that 70% of online customers check for a working security seal before buying (and yes, they click on them). Shoppers want to be safe when they buy items and you can offer the best online safety with the Comodo SSL in addition to the SiteLock site protection.

For pricing, the Comodo’s SSL certificate for a single domain cost $31.99 per year with iPage an also with other hosting providers.

Tips for SSL

If you’re using WordPress with iPage, make sure to install one of the plugins that force HTTPS. In many cases, installing SSL only is not enough, your website can use insecure image folders hosted elsewhere or on your own server. So, by adding a simple and free plugin, you’ll force HTTPS on all your web pages.

Google uses the SSL as a ranking factor, So, it can help your website to get better ranking in organic search. Also, Google Chrome started marking website without SSL as not secure, and you can avoid that by using SSL. It helps to build trust and protect your online transactions.

Is iPage safe to host with?

As any company, iPage wants to offer add-ons and features to get more revenue, but what they offer is worth the money a customer pays for. If you’d like to host a personal blog with iPage, I recommend using the basic SiteLock plan. On the other side, if you’d like to start your own eCommerce website, then, use an advanced security plan and iPage offers what you need.

The final word is, iPage is, of course, an affordable service, but also, it’s secure and safe to use. They have been doing web hosting business for years and you can count on their customer support for assistance. If you think that a shared hosting is not for you, then, use their VPS plans and ask for custom security configurations, they’ll help.

Can you use iPage without SiteLock?

There is no ideal web hosting company, especially in online security. iPage, as Bluehost, HostGator and Network Solutions use SiteLock for their customers. However, it’s just an option and you can choose to not use it. So, even if SiteLock is a good solution for blogs and sites, you still have the option to do the security for yourself and for free.

If you’re a beginner, then, SiteLock may look a great deal for you, but personally, I prefer managing the security with my custom configurations and settings. There is a premium firewall and malware scanning plugins you can use. For example, WordPress offers VaultPress which is cheaper and good for any website. Also, you can use Sucuri, or CloudFlare, they are other security solutions for WordPress and other software for websites.

For better web hosting and better security, InMotion Hosting is the right choice.

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