WordPress Hosting Plans with JetPack Premium Included for Free

There are many WordPress web hosting services, but not all of them provide the best quality and the fastest server. So, dealing with things like backups, site monitoring, and security scanning will be a pain for many bloggers.

For that reason, some good web hosts offer the Jetpack premium version for free, it’s included in their WordPress plan free of charge, and here are the best options.

WordPress hosting companies with Jetpack included

InMotion Hosting

InMotion offers JetPack with their WP-2000S to WP-6000S, so, there is 5 managed blog hosting options to choose from and get the jetpack personal or premium license for free.

The Jetpack plugin for WordPress comes with amazing features that let’ you spend less time managing your site and focusing on creating better content instead.

For InMotion Hosting, it’s a quality web host in Los Angeles, they offer SSD hosting with friendly customer support and pre-installed WordPress.

Additionally, if you don’t like the bandwidth limitations, you’ll enjoy hosting your blog with Unlimited monthly bandwidth. InMotion is also a secure web hosting company with a daily server scanning system and DDoS protection enabled.

Web hosting with Free JetPack premium plan
Web hosting Plans with Free JetPack professional

The web host provides a professional Drag and Drop WordPress page builder tool, it’s the famous BoldGrid that works better than any other tool. So, you’ll get the best web host, with the best WordPress tools, plugins, and even themes.

JetPack Hosting Features

Daily backups

No matter if you have a small blog, or big size of the website, with thousands of posts, if you don’t take care of backups, no one will make your site work again if a problem happens. So, having a good enabled daily backup and restore the system should guarantee to get your site back if you make a mistake and change something the wrong way.

Unlike other blog backups systems, Jetpack comes with optional two versions:

  1. Daily backup and scan with VaultPress, the best security plugin for your blog. You have 30 days backup archive, and you can restore the site from any date using a few clicks of the button.
  2. Complete site activity backup and restore using the new jetpack system. This one comes with faster backups and there is no need for FTP access or complicate things. The plugin will run a daily backup and make a historical changelog of what you make as changes, plugin installation, etc…So, if the blogger accidentally deleted something, he can restore the old version of the site just before making the changes.

Daily malware scan

Don’t always count on security plugins and tools, WordPress is good for use, but also, it’s not super secure as you imagine. In reality, building a good website take time and lots of effort, but if you don’t take care of security, malware scanning, and monitoring, you’ll destroy the site in seconds.

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On the other side, for those who want to have a secure website or blog, JetPack comes with a daily malware scan and monitoring system that prevents attacks and helps you to have a secure site all the time.

Professional WordPress JetPack themes

The JetPack premium subscription comes with hundreds of high-quality WordPress themes to use. Thus, there no need to buy a separate them if you have a good one included in your service. We tested some of the themes and they worked well.

Even more, the premium JetPack themes are clean, optimized, well-organized and load faster.

Lazy load images

For a simple blog with a few contents, images won’t cause problems in general, but for medium-size to the big size of blogs, images will make the site load slower. In addition, the server response time will be slower and your site will load in second which affects the user experience negatively.

The lazy load for the image comes as the best solution to speed up the blog save the monthly bandwidth.

It works this way: Instead of downloading all the post images, the browser will only load the images that the user view. So, if he scrolls down, he will get the other images. So, that will make the page download time faster than any other solution.

The image lazy load option can be enabled in Jetpack under the Performance & Speed tab that you can find under the Writing option.

WordPress CDN

Instead of paying for a CDN service provider, JetPack comes with its own content delivery network. The company uses powerful servers with a good caching system that accelerates the site loading time and server images in parallel with the page resources.

That way, the user gets the images from the nearest location instead of one server location that works slowly.

Google Analytics integration

You don’t have to install a Google Analytics plugin or even add the code manually to the site. JetPack lets you enable Google Analytic tracking by adding your tracking ID and it will start counting the visit to your blog.

Advanced site search

Unlike the old WordPress site search, the new accelerated and optimized Jetpack search algorithm work amazingly. There is no need to wait for MySQL and slow operations, everything works faster this time and your users will enjoy a better search on your site.

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These are some of the benefits of using a JetPack web hosting provider like the one above. Making your blog faster, and more secure is not hard and you don’t need complicated server settings and optimizations.

If you used any other web host and you found it working well with Jetpack, make sure you add your comment and let us know about your experience.

Some web hosts offer Jetpack, however, they have slow servers and the customer support quality is not that good as you expect. So, focusing on a good option should save a lot of time and makes WordPress work better.

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