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Best VPS Hosting Service Providers in 2019

Do you need one of the best VPS hosting providers? And you look for a quality server from one of the trusted hosting companies? Also, are you looking for a secure and fast server that’s reliable and also affordable? So, keep reading, we’ll list the top VPS services we tried and recommend. These options work well for all kinds of websites, including a web app, a WordPress Blog, and even a high traffic site.

Best VPS hosting services we recommend

1. Liquid Web

This should be the first fast VPS hosting choice if you care about the site speed and performance. However, that comes at a higher cost, but it worth it in the end. Liquid Web has one of the fastest VPS hosting services in the world with optimized servers and sophisticated infrastructure and software installs.

We spent over 4 years with this managed VPS hosting service, and we found it the best, the fastest, and the most secure. If you really look for a premium quality VPS hosting with SSD, SSL, and full support, then, choose this web host and save your time and effort.

Get the Fastest VPS Hosting in the World

The Liquid Web’s VPS hosting prices start from $59 per month for 2 GB of server RAM, 10 TB of bandwidth and more. Please note that their first plan is Linux only hosting, but all the other plans are Windows or Linux VPS hosting with up to 8GB of RAM and unbelievable fast cloud VPS solutions.

Liquid Web VPS hosting is super fast and fully optimized for speed. In addition, this is the most reliable VPS web hosting services, the servers handle maximum traffic that no other company can offer. For management, you can choose Linux VPS or Window VPS plans based on your website or app needs.

Here is what every cloud VPS hosting plan includes:

Liquid Web's VPS features
Liquid Web’s VPS features

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has one of the best VPS hosting services in the US with data centers in California and Washington DC. In addition, they have the fastest SSD ccloud-powered VPS servers at affordable costs. Their servers come with SSD infrastructure, good uptime and a fast network connection. The web host owns two data centers in the EAST and also in the West of the USA.

In addition, these cheap VPS plans include a high level of customization, so, the webmaster can install his own operating system, and even more, there is SSH access and a one-one chat with a web hosting expert technician who is always ready to help and solve your problems.

The budget VPS hosting comes also with free SSL, cPanel and WHM control panels and root access. On the other side, there is a dashboard for resources monitoring and a great server protection with a strong firewall and lots of tools to resell the hosting service, if you want or build an e-commerce website on your own VPS.

Here is the list of features that this VPS hosting with cPanel service offers:

Best VPS Hosting Providers

The InMotion Hosting VPS prices start from $29.99 per month, and that plans lets you get:

  • 4GB of RAM
  • 75 GB of disk storage
  • 4 TB of bandwidth
  • 3 dedicated IP addresses

The second VPS package has 6 GB RAM, 150 GB disk space and 5 TB of monthly website transfer. Of course, you get a 4 IP address, this time dedicated to your server.

The third VPS plan has a lot of recourse and a good price, for $74.99 per month, you get an 8 GB RAM VPS with enough disk space and bandwidth and 5 dedicated IP addresses.

Here are the prices of the managed VPS hosting prices:

VPS hosting prices
InMotion Hosting’s VPS hosting prices

What about the money back?

Unlike other VPS hosting companies, InMotion offers a long 90-day money back guarantee. So, you have 3 months to try their services, if you’re not happy, you can contact their customer support for a full refund and make sure to explain your problem. If there is a little tweak they can do to solve it, it will be better for you. Sometimes, beginners forget that installing some plugins or site tools can slow down your site because they have a poor quality code and more.

For the customer assistance, this great VPS web hosting company offers help by phone, live chat, Skype and also emails.

2. GoDaddy

If you want to have the best Windows VPS hosting, then, stop here and choose GoDaddy servers. They have a good quality, and long years of experience on web hosting and domain names at once.

The cheap VPS hosting with cPanel plans starts from $19 monthly. That’s over 40% OFF their regular price. For the server’s resources, they start from 1GB, and you can have up to 8 GB of VPS RAM depending on your website needs and traffic.

GoDaddy offer managed VPS and that means a lot, especially for those with no knowledge of server setup, configurations, and maintenance. In addition, all the technical things will be managed by the GoDaddy’s expert technicians.

Not all the VPS hosts are secure, and even if they are, we always recommend having your own SSL certificate. Luckily, GoDaddy offers a free SSL for the first year. It’s a premium SSL that secures your site connection and make it rank better in Google search.

Here is an overview of the GoDaddy VPS hosting service with pricing and resources:

GoDaddy VPS hosting
Godaddy Windows VPS hosting

How much does a VPS hosting cost with GoDaddy?

As you can see, the Linux VPS plans start from $17.99 and that’s cheap compared to other VPS hosting companies. However, the RAM is only suitable for a small blog or website. If you need more, there are many plans with higher RAM and resources.

On the other side, if you need a fast Windows VPS hosting, ten, the plan starts from $27.99 per month as a special offer for the first payment. The Windows servers have Parallels Plesk control panel with MySQL and up to 3 dedicated IP addresses.

Here is an overview of the Windows server plans:

Windows VPS plans
GoDaddy’s Windows VPS plans

The good thing is that these unmetered bandwidth VPS hosting solutions come with professional customer support that will help you when you need it. There is help using the phone, the live chat and also the tickets.

For those who think about the upgrades, upgrading a VPS account with GoDaddy is simple and fast. All you need is to click the upgrade button in your account when you need that, and then move to a higher VPS plan will happen in minutes. There is no need for technically complicated configurations or any setup.

3. Host1Plus

Sometimes, the VPS hosting cost is one of the key factors for many webmasters. So, choosing a reliable, but cheap VPS plan is not hard as many years ago. Host1PLus offers god VPS Hosting packages with SSD, SSD caching, IPv4, and IPv6 for $5.2 per month.

These VPS web hosting plans come with instant provisioning, scalability and emergency console in case of any problems. Furthermore, there is a strong security system with multi-levels firewall and the best hardware and software technologies.

cheapest VPS hosting

4. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is another affordable, but fast VPS hosting company. They have the best VPS hosting plans with SSD storage and advanced security prevention. All that makes your site well protected against online threats and even DDoS attacks.

For blogging, it’s the best VPS hosting for WordPress websites if we compare to the quality and the pricing for other services. It’s cost-effective and highly recommended for small to medium size WordPress sites, but also, GreenGeeks is a good hosting for eCommerce and even bigger size of websites.

GreenGeeks is a green web hosting with instant provisioning VPS servers when you order the services, you get your own VPS in 60 seconds and that’s great, you get the server when you need it. Additionally, there is a free nightly backup with cPanel and a free migration service.

The GreenGeeks VPS plans cost $39.95 /month for 1GB of RAM and goes up to $159 for VPS with 8GB RAM and more server resources. All of these VPS plans are fast, reliable and also scalable.

For customer support, GreenGeeks is simply great, with a fast support through phone or live chat, you can get the help when you need it.

4. InterServer

When it comes to cost, this is one of the cheapest cloud VPS hosting services in the world with SSD infrastructure. The amazing thing about InterServer is that you can get a $6 per month VPS plan with hundreds of apps to install and even more, it’s an instant provisioning VPS that cost less and offer more options.

InterServer VPS plans come with Linux and also Windows OS. The first one cost $6 monthly, and the Windows VPS plans cost $10 per month. All these servers come with/

  • Full root access
  • DNS manager
  • IPv6 addresses
  • Instant setup
  • Monthly VPS Hosting payment, so, you can cancel anytime.

For VPS management, you can reboot, install or reinstall the VPS anytime you want. You can do all that and even more with one of the easiest control panel available on the web. The company has data centers in New Jersey and California.

Linux or Windows VPS plans
Linux or Windows VPS plans

6. HeartInternet

If you want the cheapest self-managed VPS hosting provider, then, this will be a great option for you. The standard VPS plan worth $7.99 per month with unlimited websites to host and 150 GB bandwidth per month. Of course, this is a low cost VPS hosting provider, but keep in mind that you get a little RAM of 512 MB and that’s not enough for a professional blog or site. However, the plan cost the need for small projects that don’t need a lot of RAM and resources.

On the other hand, if you prefer a fully managed VPS, then, the plan cost $12/ monthly with Raid Storage and SSD. Furthermore, there are other types of VPS plans like cloud VPS, node.js hosting, and of course MEAN.js.

Believe it or not, this great VPS web hosting provider offers a free Windows VPS hosting for one month. Then, the server will cost $14 on a monthly billing. We should mention here that the credit card is not required. So, it’s totally free to try for 30 days. To get that offer, visit their website and then, click the VPS menu on the top, you’ll find it.

We hope you find your best deal with one of the above VPS hosting providers. Remember that the quality should be your first thing to look for. And also make a balance between your website needs and your best VPS hosting plan that suits your budget.

These are the best VPS hosting providers that offer great quality and cheap plans, with enough resources and even unlimited resources in many cases. If you’ve used any of the above VPS companies, you can share your experience with us.

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