Want guides with tips for web hosting? So, here are the best tutorial and step by step guides for those users who want to start a blog on WordPress, using any other CMS or even HTML sites.

In this section, we cover the different topics that webmaster need to learn like optimizing their sites for speed, making them secure and also fixing common issues bloggers found in WordPress.

That’s of course after choosing the right web hosting services with fast servers.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog

How much does it cost to start a blog?

Does it cost you money to build your own blog? And if that's true, how much should you pay? But what if you have no money at all, can you really be able to have a blog completely for free? And if that's the case, what's the catch? To answer all...
Do you need the SG site scanner?

Do you need the SG site scanner?

SiteGround is one of the web hosting companies that lots of people recommend, however, there are many things that you don't even know about. And do you really need that SG Site Scanner? Is it worth it, or you'll just waste your money with a low-quality web hosting services as...
Cost to Build an eCommerce Website

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce website?

What's the average cost of starting a store online? Is $500 or $1000 enough to build your dream eCommerce site and sell products with great conversion rates? And what about web hosting, site builder, web design and other tools? Now, don't go away, we used the most popular platforms for...
that GoDaddy Hosting Can Handle

How much traffic can GoDaddy hosting handle?

Want to start or move your site to GoDaddy? Then, you may have doubts about the real traffic limit that  GoDaddy hosting can handle, and even more, you'll need to learn the impact of visits on site uptime and speed. Here, we'll talk about the number of visit limitation with...
Bluehost Hosting Renewal Price

Bluehost hosting renewal prices compared

Want to learn more and find the truth about the Bluehost hosting renewal prices? And you want to save money at the same time? So, keep reading, we'll show you the real cost of using such a web host after the first year. So, you know, if the service work...
Do you need the SiteLock Security on Bluehost

Do you need SiteLock Security on Bluehost?

With Bluehost, you can start a blog on WordPress or install any application in seconds, but with their extra services, you'll find the SiteLock security add-ons that lots of people ask themselves if they really need it or not. That's of course in parallel with Code Guard and even the SEO...
What Can You use a Blog For

5 things to use a blog for

Before starting a blog, you'll need web hosting, and we regularly share tips, recommendations, and guides for beginners and everyone else. But, once you have the blog, you'll need to make one or more goals for starting the site. So, in today's guide, we'll talk about the different purposes to use a blog...
How Much to Pay for Web Hosting

How much to pay for web hosting?

If you want to buy a web hosting plan, you'll find lots of options, prices, differences and more, but if you consider the quality, then, there are few services to choose from. Now, what's the real cost of buying a web hosting plan? is $10 enough to get a fast...
Does Bluehost Charge Monthly or Yearly

Does Bluehost charge monthly or per year?

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies, but can you pay per month or once a year? Is it possible to have a short-term hosting plan every 30 days without setup fees? In reality, Bluehost does not offer a monthly hosting, instead, they provider yearly web hosting plans...
Is-VPS Faster than Shared Hosting

5 differences between VPS and shared hosting

If you have a blog or website, then, the speed matter to you, but when it comes to choosing between VPS and shared hosting, which one is faster? Can you really use a shared server for any site? And what if you want dedicated server resources? In today's world, choosing one of these options...
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