Web Hosting Reviews from Experts

Reading lots of web hosting reviews on blogs, websites and forums takes a long time, so, there is no way to find which review is trusted and the ones you need to avoid. So, in Mybloghosting, we spend days writing a piece Of content that talks about any web host after testing it and buying a website hosting plan.

Web hosting is not only prices, offers, plans, and technical details, it’s also customer support that should be friendly and experienced. In addition, web hosting is a full process that takes time, effort and lots of work to achieve the highest levels of server security and performances at the same time.

So, reviewing web hosting companies is not easy, that needs investigations, sign-ups for their hosting accounts and more. Furthermore, if you add hundreds of web hosts, you’ll find it confusing, and frustrating, especially for beginners to choose the right web hosting provider for their blogs and websites.

For that, at Mybloghosting, we take care of the complicated things and we try different web hosting companies before recommending them. However, some companies work well in the beginning, and then, they change their server configurations or other things, and that can cause lots of issues, downtimes, and serious problems.

Creating better web hosting reviews

So, please, if you find any problem with a web hosting service, we’ll be happy to read your feedback about them. Tell us what you think, what worked well for your website and what are the bad things about any web hosting provider.

This feedback helps us to include them in our web hosting reviews. That way, everyone gets the truth and not just the best things about the web host and their services. Unfortunately, some web hosting problems happens in some cases, depending on many factors and things.

In reality, the more details you tell us, the better we understand d your issue with any web host. And then, we’ll add your feedback and tell the truth about the company you’ve hosted a website or eStore with.

Here is a shortlist of some of our web hosting reviews with real customer experience: Read them and find the best web host based on your website needs, budget and the level of management or even the type of the server.

Real vs fake web hosting reviews

We all care about the speed and security of our website, so, we don’t want to recommend a web host that offers low-quality services.

A good web hosting review starts from buying the website hosting plan from the company and then, testing things all together like a real user does. Then, we carefully examine what the web hosting company offers and compare prices with what we got as quality.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to deal with complicated problems because the web hosting company limits access to the servers via SSH, FTP or even the File Manager. In addition, there should be no problems updating a plugin or uploading a file for Google search verification for example.

In addition, a good web hosting review should mention the customer support of the web host. So, we try to find a problem or an issue that needs intention, and then, call the company or use the live chat or email options. After that, we look carefully and make a real conclusion that reflects the real image of the web hosting customer support.

On the other side, there are many websites that write a fake web hosting review, especially for WordPress.

In fact, they claim they’re trying the web hosting services and in reality, they just look at the web host main page and read what they said about themselves.

So, the main goal of these fake WordPress hosting review is making money and not adding value to the user and helping him choose a good web hosting plan for his website or blog.

Web hosting reviews from users

Unfortunately, there are many web hosting review sites that claim to have 100% real reviews. But the majority is using bots to write fake reviews and favorite web hosting companies with low-quality services.

But of course, there are good web hosting review websites that we trusted and even check sometimes to learn more about a specific company before giving the web hosting plan a try.

We thank everyone who writes a real review of any web hosting company. That helps us to understand the complaints, the pros, the cons and the most common issues that users found with any web host.

The problem with user review is that they take a lot of time to filter the spam users from the good ones. So, we prefer actually trying the web hosting plan for some time, and write an expert review of the plans, services, and offers.

However, in the future, we’ll add a review section for users, so, you can write your own web hosting review and tell the world how great a web host is or how bad it was for your blog.

No web hosting review for a specific company?

If you want to read a review about a web hosting provider and you can’t find it here, then, probably, no one has an idea about it or it’s a new company. For that reason, you can use the contact page and let us know about that web hosting.

Or, you can use the search box on the left menu and type in the exact name of that web host. If we have articles or posts about that company, you’ll find that under the list of page titles.