Bluehost Alternatives with Better Services and Faster Servers

After years of web hosting experience, Bluehost is now one of the slowest web hosting providers. They have problems with server load and also with customer support. For that reason, searching for Bluehost alternatives to their web hosting services is the right decision to make your site work well again without problems.

Bluehost as a web hosting provider is not reliable and affordable for many webmasters. It’s not only a matter of uptime and support but also, it’s a matter of server response time that’s so slow.

I’ve used and still use great web hosting providers that are the best alternative solutions. They are better at server speed, uptime, and customer support.

The following hosting services are better than Bluehost and they offer more options. The first one is the best option, as they have low-cost plans with quality support and fast server speed.

If you want a quick overview here are the best alternatives to Bluehost for different goals:

Shared hosting alternatives

Best hosting alternatives for WordPress

  • Liquid Web: Best options for high traffic sites, plus 35 premium StudioPress themes include for free
  • WP Engine: Best for blogs and business sites)

Best alternative web hosts for eCommerce

As there are many details, differences, and features, let’s find out why some web hosting providers are better than Bluehost, and what makes them well know.

Bluehost alternatives for shared hosting

1. HostGator (better than Bluehost)

If you compare HostGator to Bluehost, you’ll find it more reliable and more secure. Indeed, HostGator servers are faster and well configured than Bluehost. Furthermore, they offer a free website migration service with no downtime, and that’s helpful especially for beginners.

There is no doubt that HostGator offers better customer support than Bluehost. They have a US-based customer support department with a faster response time and a professional team.

This is a great Bluehost alternative, and I highly recommend HostGator to make your website faster in loading time. But also, you’ll find amazing customer support, lots of tutorials and step by step hosting guides.

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the best alternatives to Bluehost. It’s a great web hosting provider that’s better than the others and more secure.

Unlike Bluehost, InMotion Hosting offers faster servers and better site uptime. They don’t limit the resources for each account, but without allowing over server usage.

As a result, no one will exceed the server usage and affect the other accounts. Furthermore, the company provides SSD servers that are faster and that results in better performances than the Bluehost servers.

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If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to Bluehost, then, this one will be the solution. In terms of pricing, InMotion Hosting is cheaper than Bluehost and more reliable.

Unlike Bluehost, this service offers monthly web hosting plans for the third package “Pro”. That means a month to month hosting payment.

That way, anyone can get a professional web hosting account with great features and with a monthly payment option. Nevertheless, you can choose the yearly hosting to save money in the long term.

All of the InMotion Hosting shared hosting plans come with cPanel control panel, and that’s great. Bluehost offers a confusing control panel they customized that makes everything harder to manage.


With cPanel, everything is clear, professional and better. You can manage your files with a few clicks. Also, you can upload and download files using FTP account that you get with secure connections.

The great news about InMotion Hosting is that they have an optimized WordPress hosting. Unlike the majority of shared hosting services, this one offers real optimization for WordPress with SSD servers and a powerful caching system.

Furthermore, the server configuration and setting let you host WordPress websites and run them faster and more secure.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy compared to other hosting providers, including Bluehost is cheaper. They offer affordable hosting plans with a free domain name and many options. That way, you save money if you want to host a single website or even a few ones with a little traffic.

GoDaddy has a yearly hosting plan that costs only $60 and that’s much cheaper than Bluehost. That web hosting plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a free site migration service.

Furthermore, GoDaddy offers a cPanel control panel with every hosting plan. That’s better than the Bluehost control panel that complicates writing.

Another great feature about GoDaddy is that they offer a monthly hosting. So, you can pay month-to-month and that costs $7 for the medium hosting plan they have.

Best Bluehost alternatives for WordPress hosting

Liquid Web (Super fast hosting)

With well-configured servers a very strong infrastructure architecture, Liquid Web established itself among the biggest dedicated web hosting services. They offer fast servers with unbeatable customer support.

Of course, the company has a large variety of services, including dedicated, shared hosting, and VPS plans.

Liquid Web hosting plans come with superior quality services and features. Unlike Bluehost, this company offers 100% uptime and really reliable hosting.

For better WordPress performance, Liquid Web offers fully managed and optimized WordPress hosting. It’s different from the other services as its lighting fast hosting that costs more.

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Indeed, the company offers managed WordPress multi-site hosting in parallel with the regular managed hosting. The reason is that they have confidence in their network uptime and server performance. That’s why they offer multi-site WordPress web hosting that’s fully optimized and managed.

Liquid Web compared to Bluehost is faster, more stable and better hosting. The quality is everything with them and I’ve tried their VPS hosting and it was not just amazing, but also, it’s unique in speed and performance.

WP Engine (Better for managed WordPress sites)

WP Engine is a web hosting provider that works only for WordPress. That means they optimize their servers for WordPress sites only. Moreover, customer support offers better help compared to Bluehost and others.

We can’t compare this company to the Bluehost WordPress hosting, it’s on the top list of the fastest WordPress web host. So, forget Bluehost if you really want a fast site loading time and crawling. I recommend WP Engine for those who need to forget the technical management for their sites.

The company provides superior quality WordPress hosting. That makes WordPress working faster and more stable than any regular shared hosting. In addition, WP Engine offers stronger security for WordPress sites. That includes powerful virus and malware scanning and removal, and also a daily backup.

Compared to Bluehost and other services, WP Engine is more reliable, but it’s not cheap hosting. As a result, you’ll need to pay at least $45 per month for a single WordPress site. If you need more installs and resources, they have larger hosting plans for individuals and also for enterprises.

Alternatives to Bluehost eCommerce hosting

Many web hosting companies promise all that the customer is looking for, but when it comes to reality, many of these fake promises never see the light. So, if you see a shared web host claiming they offer fast ecommerce hosting for a few dollars, then, don’t waste your time and money with them, it will never work at that very low cost.

Building an Ecommerce website and maintaining it costs somewhere from $30 to hundreds of dollars or even thousands per month. That’s because of the server resources and also other features, tools, and options to make eCommerce sites work faster, better and secure.

Personally, I don’t think that Bluehost is a good web hosting for eCommerce, it’s not that fast and many people talk about, and that’s because they never tried the other hosting providers like what we do here. So, here are the best eCommerce web hosting alternatives to Bluehost.

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BigCommerce (hosted eCommerce platform)

BigCommerce is not the kind of hosting you know where you should install software, manage a theme and plugins or install a premade design. It’s a completely managed and hosted eCommerce system that works in the cloud without any technical skills needed for business owners.

Unlike Bluehost, BigCommerce works by letting you create your online store in minutes, and add the professional design you prefer. Now, here is a fact that I should mention about BigCommcer web design, they don’t offer any quality of the theme, but truly premium well designs templates from ecommerce experts who study the colors, and layout before building the site. So, it’s the right place to get a fully functional online store that’s hosted at the same time and all you have to do is add your products and configure the payment options you need.

Unlike Bluehost or any other web host, BigCommcer lets you sell products worldwide to 130 countries and using more than 250 local currencies, that’s not great?

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