Best eCommerce site hosting providers

Best eCommerce Site Hosting Providers

To choose a good web hosting service for your new online store, you need to compare the options and pick the right company. However, if your main goal is the best quality, then, you come to the right place, we’ll show you what really works for eCommerce sites with little traffic, and if your site grows … Read this

How Much Traffic can GoDaddy Hosting Handle

How Much Traffic can GoDaddy Hosting Handle?

Want to start or move your site to GoDaddy? Then, you may have doubts about the real traffic limit that  GoDaddy hosting can handle, and even more, you’ll need to learn the impact of visits on site uptime and speed. Here, we’ll talk about the number of visits and limitations with this popular web host … Read this

GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility Review

GoDaddy Search Engine Visibility Review: Is it Worth it?

Is it recommended to get the search engine visibility of GoDaddy and improve your site ranking? Is it an add-on that is worth it? Or do you just waste your money when choosing the SEO option? When you want to start a website, a blog, or an eCommerce project, the first thing that you should take care … Read this

Bluehost Hosting Renewal Prices Compared

Bluehost Hosting Renewal Prices Compared

Want to learn more and find the truth about the Bluehost hosting renewal prices? And you want to save money at the same time? So, keep reading, we’ll show you the real cost of using such a web host after the first year. So, you know, if the service work for your budget or not. … Read this

Best Bluehost Plan for WordPress

Which Bluehost Plan is Best for WordPress Sites?

Choosing the right Bluehost plan for WordPress can be confusing for many, there are many options and the price difference can change the decision based on the user’s budget and site needs. So, we want to help you get the right package and also save money without forgetting your blog performance, speed, and the best … Read this

Wix Unlimited Plan Review

Is it Worth Paying for the Wix Unlimited Plan?

Want to sign up with Wix and buy their unlimited hosting plan? And you don’t know if that’s the best deal for you or you just waste your money? So, in this guide, we’ll show you the pros and cons and if it’s worth it or not to build a site or online store. Wix pricing … Read this