Cost to Have a WordPress Website

How Much does it Cost to Have a WordPress Website?

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Want to have a clear idea about the cost of stating a hosting a WordPress blog? Don’t have the time to compare thousands of sites and options? So, follow our recommendations and you’ll have the best blog.

Web statistics estimate that every day, there are dozens of thousands of people who create new WordPress websites. That seems a huge number if you compare it to other applications. However, people still afraid about installations, and other complicated things that look from another planet for beginners.

In this post, We’ll show you the cost of building a WordPress website, and what you need to make it looks professional, unique, and fast.

Knowing the real WordPress blog cost

You can start a WordPress website in a few minutes and customize the design and everything else. So, what you need first is the web hosting and the domain name, it’s the place to save your Blog files and sever them automatically to the world. That will cost you around $3.5 per month. And for great deals, we recommend reading the WordPress hosting prices comparison article. It’ll make everything simplified to choose the best option.

The majority of WordPress hosting companies offer plans per year, however, they are other who let you pay per month, and all of them that we list here are tested and good quality. InMotion Hosting is the best recommended WordPress hosting services, you get a great hosting with a free domain name included.

The next thing you need is the blog theme, you can use any free theme provides by the web host, however, having a premium design is much better, that will cost around $40 for good quality theme.

How Much does it Cost to Have a WordPress Website

The final blog hosting cost

If we calculate the yearly hosting plus the theme prices, then, the full WordPress website cost will be $90 to $100 without including any extra service that you may need. Keep in mind this cost covers a good quality hosting and design at the same time. If you add premium tools or plugins and other add-ons, the cost can be as much higher as $150 to $300 or so. but that’s recommended only for professional websites.

Keep in mind that the monthly hosting plans are expensive, of course, there are many people who need that option, but choosing a yearly WordPress hosting will save money and comes with free domain and more good features.

What kind of website you can build with WordPress?

It’s not a secret that WordPress is powering 20% of the total worldwide websites. That percentage represents over 70 million blogs and websites, and all of them work fully on WordPress. That open source application opened the eyes of millions of people to work smarter, better, and to focus on writing, instead of coding.

It’s not only a blogging software, but, a CMS that lets you develop sites, and makes changes for new things and functions.

When it comes to difficulty, WordPress is the easiest and the cheapest way to have a website. You don’t have to learn coding and technical skills, all the things come together in your applications. You just need to start creating content, add your photos, videos, or whatever you want.

How much does the domain name cost?

As we said earlier, the majority of web hosting companies offer the domain for free, however, owning your domain and registering it on your own is better. If for any reason, you decided to move to another web host you can do that without any issues. There are many domain name registration services, but the best one we recommend and found more reliable is GoDaddy. The domain name cost is around $10 in neral, there are times when they offer promotion and you can get the domain for a cheaper price.

What about the WordPress installation?

We know that WordPress should be installed, and that’s not easy for beginners, that can break the whole website if something goes wrong. But what if you get a pre-installed WordPress website? InMotion Hosting is the only shared web hosting provider that offers that feature for free.

To have your own WordPress blog at the cheapest prices, check the “WordPress” option when you enter your details. Then, the installation will be ready for you, and you get a free domain name, with a free setup.

All that extra services will cost you hundreds of dollars if you add the website migration if you want, and other things. But, they offer it for free, and also, with amazing customer support.

Unlike the other hosting providers, Inmotion Hosting offers free SSD for your website. That makes it loads faster and of course, the performance will be better.

If you want to use other services, you should pay extra fees and in the end, hope that your site will work properly. You will get a classic HDD hosting that works slowly and cause many downtimes in a single day. That affects the search engine ranking and you will lose users, because of the slow site loading time.

That’s why we recommend that company that offers advanced infrastructure. That’s not all, but they offer phone support and ticket system, So, you can get the help instantly and not wait days like many other services.

If you think that creating a blog on WordPress is costly, hard or complicated and that’s what makes you hesitate, then, send us your questions using the contact page and I’ll be happy to help.

Final word

The real cost of launching a WordPress website or blog depends on the needs of the owner and also the web host. So, if you choose cheaper hosting, you’ll save more money for other things like having a premium theme that looks better and comes with a control panel to customize the design. The cost ranges from $90 per year to hundreds of dollars for a blog that’s hosted on managed web servers.

What’ you think about the budget that everyone needs to have a WordPress blog? Have you used a service that offers what you asked for? And how much all that cost in the end? We’de like to hear from bloggers and site owner who already started their WordPress sites. That can answer the questions of beginners who look for cheaper solutions to starts blogging as soon as possible.

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