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Joomla Web Hosting Companies with Best Features

Are you looking for good Joomla hosting service? And you want to start a website or blog on secure servers and get a professional customer support? So, you’ll find lots of companies, however, a few providers offer the best quality with cheap Joomla web hosting plans.

For that, we tested the best companies, and we selected the top Joomla web hosts for their great features, secure environment, and affordable prices.

Top Joomla web hosting services

All the following web hosting provider work well for Joomla and also for other CMS. So, they have optimized their servers for high usage and more requests. Furthermore, these companies offer customer support, so, the customer can contact them anytime they need help and that’s great for all.

1. InMotion Hosting (Pre-installed Joomla hosting)

This is the best web hosting for Joomla website based on our experience. InMotion Hosting has a pre-installed Joomla hosting, so, there is no need for any installation or complicated setup. You can select Joomla to be automatically installed for you during the checkout.

We like the Joomla tutorials they have on their website. There are hundreds of well-written tutorials and documentation to solve any problem you find on your website.

InMotion Hosting is the recommended Joomla web hosting for many reasons, that include the SSD drives, the SSL, and more. But one of their best features is the secure servers, the fast loading time, and the affordable pricing.

Joomla web hosting

With well-protected servers and high quality if hardware and software, InMotion is a secure Joomla hosting that you can count on. There is SSH access for safe access and File manager for cPanel. In addition, there is unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and also unlimited email accounts.

This web host offers a free Joomla website migration, so, you get a full website transfer without downtime.

Visit this Recommended & Secure Joomla Hosting

The small Joomla web hosting plan cost $4.89 per month, and there are other plans for faster servers and more features. The cPanel Joomla site hosting solution comes also with free SSH and PHP 7 for faster server operations.

2. Ultra Web Hosting (cheap Joomla hosting)

Use this monthly Joomla website hosting service and save money for other things. Unlike other monthly billing Joomla web hosting providers, with this one, you get a cheap price of $5.95/month. The service comes with free domain name, one click Joomla software install, easy cPanel control panel and along a list of features.

With NGINX web servers and support for HTTP/2, fast Xenon CPU processors, and SSD drives, this is one of the fastest Joomla hosting services we recommend. In addition, with a high level of server optimization, and a great caching system, websites load faster and work better.

With unlimited disk space Joomla web hosting and unmetered bandwidth, this will be the best place to host the software and build a professional Joomla site.

The Joomla web hosting price starts from $2.95 per month for the 36 Months billing cycle. The first plan is good for a single Joomla website. On the other side, you can choose other plans for united Joomla hosting and faster CPU processors and options.

Joomla Hosting

We should also mention that you can buy a web hosting plan with Bitcoin, PayPal credit card. Thus, with three payment options, there is more flexibility for everyone.

Get the Cheapest Joomla Hosting Plans

3. GoDaddy (popular Joomla web hosting)

This is another good Joomla hosting company that we recommend for both beginners and experienced webmasters. The company has the largest number of web servers in the USA. In addition, with powerful SSD servers and optimized caching system, GoDaddy Joomla hosting is faster than other shared web hosts.

For better management, GoDaddy offers cPanel with Linux hosting. So, you can manage your Joomla website files online. Or, you can use the FTP tool to download and upload the files anytime you need.

GoDaddy Joomla web hosting cost $2.99 for the long billing cycle, or you can choose the monthly hosting that cost $7.99 if you prefer a trial.

The first plan comes with Unmetered bandwidth Joomla hosting and enough disk space. Also, there is a free domain and DDoS protection with99.9% uptime guaranteed.

4. TMDHosting (optimized Joomla hosting)

When it comes to quality, pricing and optimization, this will be the best Joomla web hosting provider. TMDHosting offer optimized SSD servers and a free Joomla installation service with all the setup. Users can request the service anytime using the lie chat, phone number or email.

Now, for more speed, and better optimization, this web host offers a free Joomla plugins installation. So, they install the best free Joomla plugin that takes your website to the next level.Even more, there is a free Joomla template installation and that make everything professional, good looking and well-built.

This is the best Joomla web hosting company for thousands of happy customers and webmasters. They have fast sites and they have one of the best friendly services.

optimized Joomla hosting

With such a fully managed Joomla hosting, you get multi-levels of severs caching, free domain name, cPanel and powerful NGINX servers.

5. Cloudways (managed cloud hosting for Joomla)

This is another good Joomla hosting company that has thousands of cloud servers and premium quality services. As this is a cloud Joomla hosting, you get better performance and 99.999% uptime which is great. Moreover, Cloudways offers a user-friendly cloud server interface with all the tools you need in one place.

Also, there is a staging area, and that way, you can build your Joomla site, and then launch the live site with one click. So, you test things on the development website and then apply the change when you’re happy with the design or the functions.

For security, Cloudways has one of the best rollback and restore Joomla features. That means, if for any reason, your site crashes, the system helps you to restore the old version with simple clicks. Moreover, you can choose which version you prefer restoring and that’s helpful.

Cloud Joomla web hosting

This cloud Joomla hosting provider offers different plans with monthly or hourly billing. So, the monthly Joomla billing plan starts at $7 and it comes with unlimited installs, free SSL certificate, and 20 GB storage. The other plans include more resources and option. This web host offer a free trial, so, you can test the dashboard, and have an installation to see how it works.

To save money with CloudWays, you can use the promo code MYBLOGHOSTING20 and you’ll get 20% discount on any web hosting plan.

These are the best web hosting service for Joomla websites. We recommend these services because they are safe to use, affordable and also fast for your website. So, you get the best web hosting features and save money at once.

What a Joomla hosting needs?

Like any other CMS, Joomla is a software that needs a lot of resources to handle the HTTP request. The Database needs optimization and it’s better to have a separate MySQL database. So, it works off-site and faster.

On the other side, for those who prefer easy management, cPanel is the recommended control panel. It’s easy to use and has lots of tools to manage everything in one place.

The SSL certificate is highly recommended, especially these days. Google recommends adding your SSL to make the connection between your servers and the visitor’s browser encrypted. So, that’s for your site security and even ranking. Of course, the server needs optimization, but also extra levels of security for PHP and others.

Now, there is no way to have a secure Joomla hosting without daily backups. So, even if you don’t find that option, make sure to install a plugin that backup your site every day.

Have you tried any other Joomla web host and worked well for you? So, make sure to tell us about it in your comment and let’s have real user reviews.

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