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Are you looking for cheap web hosting plans and the best services for your website or blog? And you know some popular web hosts but none of them offers reliable hosting that suits your project needs and budget? So, read the full article, or save it for later use, we’ll show you the ultimate list of the cheapest web hosting services we tried and tested.

These affordable web hosting companies provide the best uptime, customer support and the high level of server security. So, in the end, everyone should have a good web hosting package at low cost.

Best 10 cheap web hosting services

A web hosting is not only servers and prices, but long years of expertise and development in server architecture and optimizations. Unfortunately, the bad news is that there are hundreds of bad web host, so, for beginners, there is a chance to pick one of these services and risk their websites. However, the good news is that we hosted website and we tested the best companies. So, here is the final list of the greatest cheap web hosts that we recommend for bloggers, small business website, and online stores.

1. Jaguarpc (cheap shared web hosting starting at $2.72)

In terms of pricing, this is another managed and good cheap website hosting service that starts at $2.72 per month for 24 months prepaid plan. Also, this is not a new web host, they host websites since 1998 and that allows them to have a better knowledge of how to fix problems and offer the best services.

shared hosting

Jaguarpc own data centers in Dallas, Atlanta, New York, USA, and also another data center in the UK. So, choose one of these web hosting locations and give your site a speed boost.

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This cheap web hosting company provides daily downloadable backups, SSL certificate, and PCI compliant hosting in their Pro plan. In addition, there is the online support center with questions and answers, and also a community forum with active webmasters. If you need help, you can contact them by phone and get assistance. This is also an instant web hosting service, so, you don’t need to wait in order to activate your account.

2. Ultra Web Hosting ($2.95/month quality cheap web hosting)

This is the first cheap web hosting service we recommend. The company provides easy website management through cPanel, and the best thing is their low cost $2.95 per month hosting cost. That’s the cheapest web hosting plan that you can get when choosing a long-term billing cycle. Or, signup for their $5.95 per monthly payment web hosting plan.

  • Payment per month or per year
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Super fast hosting
  • Great customer support

These cheap hosting plans come with unlimited SSD disk space and also unlimited monthly bandwidth. With an affordable web hosting package, webmasters and bloggers get multi-levels of PHP caching which accelerate the loading time. In addition, these plans come with Weebly website builder tool, one-click installer software for hundreds of apps and a free domain name.

cheap web hosting

We used other cheap web hosting services in the past, but none of them worked faster than Ultra Web Hosting. The company added Varnish caching, and with CloudLinux servers, everything worked faster without even installing a caching plugin or other tools.

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3. GoDaddy (cheap web hosting plans starting at $2.99)

Sometimes, the cheap web hosting package is not the only thing that a webmaster looks for.There are other things that small business owners, especially, want such as SSL, business email and a good domain name. In addition, website owners may need a web store tool and additional shopping cart system with PayPal and others.

The GoDaddy web hosting offers all these things and options in one place. That’s what makes GoDaddy the preferred cheap web host for millions of people in the US and around the World. The company provides easy hosting plans with options to pay every month or per year. In addition, the web hosting plans come with SSD storage, free domain name, unmetered bandwidth and unlimited website disk space. So, there are no limitations and that’s great for everyone.

The GoDaddy web hosting plans include different options, and that depends on the resources and also the features. So, make sure you choose the right hosting package that suits your website needs. For example, if you’re planning to start one website, then, why should choose a web hosting plan for many domains? Just pick a small web hosting plan that you will use. That way, you save money on web hosting without affecting your website speed and best hosting features.

GoDaddy web hosting plans

Another feature about the cheap GoDaddy hosting plans is their large infrastructure of both Linux and Windows servers. So, for those who want to host different kinds of apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others, they can use the one-click install tool. Or, they can choose Linux, Window, or just subscribe for two hosting plans for each server operating system.

GoDaddy has also one of the best eCommerce cheap web hosting plans with shopping cart tools. Furthermore, the provides premium quality web hosting for high traffic websites where speed and performance matter.

Visit GoDaddy for more details

4. InMotion Hosting (cheap SSD web hosting starting at $3.49)

Have you tried any SSD web hosting service before? If not, then, you’re missing a big boost of website speed and better performance. SSD servers work better and handle more traffic and even HTTP and PHP requests. That’s because of their nature that eliminates the heat because there are no movable parts like the old servers do.

So, with InMotion Hosting SSD servers, you get faster website loading time, especially for WordPress. The company offers one of the best cheap web hosting packages with Pre-installed WordPress, Joomla hosting or Prestashop. So, you get any of these popular CMS pre-installed for you for free, and you don’t have to do any manual installation like the old days. Even better, InMotion Hosting optimized their servers for WordPress, so, it’s a recommended web host for blogging and WordPress website in general.

InMotion Hosting plans


The web hosting plans cost starts from $3.49 and that’s cheaper and better than other web hosts. The plans come with SS pure disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and unmelted email accounts. On the other side, take a look at heir other hosting plans with unlimited disk space. Even more, you can get a free subscription to premium WordPress themes and plugins with their high traffic web hosting plans.

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5. iPage (cheap yearly web hosting starting at $1.99)

If unlimited cheap web hosting is your best goal, then, stop here and choose this affordable service. Unlike other web hosts, iPage offer $1.99 per month web hosting with unlimited resources. That means a web hosting plan no limitation on the number of websites, the bandwidth, the disk space and also no limits of email addresses.

This hosting package works well for blogs and small business websites. There is a free domain name includes and also free marketing credit with Google and Bing that worth $200 at least. iPage has data centers in the US, and they offer one of the cheapest affordable web hosting services.

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6. One and One (cheap web hosting plans on cloud servers)

This is another cheap web host that provides good services for decades. In reality, this web host started in Germany, and later, they become one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world. 1and1 hosting owns big data centers in the USA and in Europe. So, if you want to start a website in one of these locations, then using this low cost web hosting will be a great option for you.

The cheapest web hosting plan cost start from $6.99 per month with SSD storage, SSH access HTTP/2 and PHP 7 support. All that makes websites without spending a lot of money on optimizations. However, for those who own website with a good traffic, we recommend the other web host, they work better than this one. 1&1 is great for small blogs and new websites with little traffic.

Try 1&1 Web Hosting Services

7. FatCow (affordable web hosting package)

If you like simplicity and you don’t want to waste the time with features and limitations, then, choose this cheap website hosting service. FatCow is a popular web hosting company with unlimited resources and a customer support that anyone can contact by phone, live chat or emails. The web host uses green energy to power their data centers. So, yes, it’s a cheap green hosting you can use.

The affordable web hosting package cost $3.15 per month and you can get it with a free domain name and easy control panel. Thus, you can upload and download files to your website with easy clicks. Or, you can use FTP if you like to use tools like FileZilla and others.

Find more about FatCow Web hosting

8. InterServer (cheap web hosting at $5/month)

Wondering if there is any real cheap web hosting with Linux and Windows plans? So, use this trusted SSD hosting and save money. InterServer is a good web hosting service with SSD disk storage, database off-loading to accelerate the severs and sophisticated hardware and software configurations.

The monthly hosting price starts at $5 and the cheap yearly hosting cost $4 with 20% discount. So, the longer billing cycle that you choose, the more money you’ll save, and the cheapest hosting you’ll get.

InterServer website hosting is managed and optimized for speed and performance. So, there is a fully managed WordPress hosting that’s cheap and reliable. And also, a managed shared hosting for hunters of applications that you can install with one click installer software.

InterServer offers cheap unlimited hosting, and there is FTP, SSH access, online file manager and of course, the best cPanel control panel.

9. HostPapa (green provider with cheap web hosting plans)

If the site speed and also the nature of the web hosting matter, then, this is what you’re looking for. HostPapa is a green web hosting service with SSD powered servers and faster customer support.

The web host own data centers in Canada, for that reason, we highly recommend their cheap web hosting plans for websites in Canada or that receives traffic from that country. However, you can use the web host service from any region, as it’s a great choice for thousands of people and website owners.

10. Web Hosting Pad (cheap, hassle-free web hosting company)

When it comes to website hosting management, things look complicated for beginners. So, this cheap website hosting service offers cPanel control panel and Weebly website builder which save the time and money for their customers. The web host offers a free domain name and good features like SSL, SSH, FTP and unlimited domains and subdomains to host.

All that comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk storage, and of course a great US-based customer support department. The cost of that low cost hosting plan is $1.99 for the longest billing cycle which is 5 years. Or, you can signup for their other plans and the hosting prices are going cheaper with longer billing cycles.

Cheap web hosting is not bad, but choose the best one

A real cheap web hosting services should provide the best quality and a good customer support without overloading the server. Moreover, the server setup and configurations should allow the user to easily manage files without asking for support. That includes downloading files and uploading themes for example.

The problem with a very cheap web hosting providers is that you’ll never get help when you need it. So, the customer support should be one of the main things to look for. Unfortunately, not all the cheap hosting companies offer that. However, we tried all the above affordable web hosts and they have a good quality of customer assistance service and a reliable hosting.

So, if you really want to save your time and effort, then, chose one of the services in this list. You’ll get fast web hosting at low cost without paying for options you’ll never need.

Have you tried any other cheap web hosting company? If yes, make sure to share your feedback,  and lets us know about it. You review help to distinguish between the good and bad web hosts in the end.

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