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7 best Windows VPS hosting providers

Are you looking for a good VPS hosting on Windows servers that are secure, fast and also affordable?

So, here, you’ll find the right hosting plans for virtual private servers in the world. We spent a lot of time testing and comparing the top providers. So, you get the right solution for your website or app with SSD, fast caching and good uptime.

1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is the number one virtual Private Server hosting provider that’s super fast and secure at the same time. There is no need to compare the features, it’s the best in one word and we recommend it for those who look for the best quality services with great customer support.

The reasons are many, but let’s talk about the main exceptional features that make Liquid Web our recommended hosting solution for Windows private servers.

Unlike the other popular services, Liquid Web uses powerful SSD disk storage with the latest hardware and software technologies. That means a lot if we talk about server speed, security, and uptime. In addition, we examined the speed of one server and it was amazing in speed and performance.

These servers can handle a lot of traffic and they never crash in traffic spikes like the case with other companies.

On the other side, the real-time monitoring and the daily backup system protects your site like no other service does.

For sever resources, everything is scalable. So, you can adjust the level of RAM or Bandwidth the moment you want and that can easily solve lots of problems when you should avoid them.

Liquid Web wholly owns the best data centers in Michigan and Arizona in the USA. In addition, they have another big data center in Europe. They have over 25000 powerful servers with on side security teams and 24/7 monitoring.

Liquid Web offers 3 VPS plans, the first one is not Windows, but the 3 others work with Windows server operating systems.

Windows VPS Hosting

The 2 GB RAM VPS server cost $79 per month, and it comes with 2 virtual CPU cores and  10 TB bandwidth. The next plans offer 4 and 8 GB of VPS RAM.

With this well known VPS web hosting provider for Windows OS, you get

  • unlimited website hosting
  • a dedicated IP address
  • integrated firewall
  • DDoS attack protection
  • Plesk control panel
  • full root access

Without forgetting the support, this premium VPS web host offer customer support through phone, live chat or emails. So, you can call the expert technicians anytime you want to get your questions answered with details.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers fully managed VPS plans that cost $27 and the prices go up to $49 for their most powerful hosting plans. Furthermore, there is free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, RAM ranges from 2 to 8 GB per server, and a premium disk storage.

GoDaddy has the latest Windows SQL server 2012 and 2014 versions. In addition, with their fast IIntel-powered processors, everything will be working like a charm.

In addition to the fully managed VPS plans, there are options for self-managed and managed Windows hosting and you can choose the one that works best for your project.

GoDaddy managed Windows VPS Plans

3. InterServer

InterServer is a fast-growing web host with quality services. When it comes to VPS, they offer the cheapest Windows plans for just $10/month.

Now, for that cheap cost, you get 1GB RAM VPS, fast SSD disk space and of course instant provisioning. That’s not all, but you can use the slider on their VPS page to get the RAM and limits you need with up to 16GB VPS RAM.

InterServer offers scalable VPS hosting with the latest operating systems. So, you have more options to choose the right OS for your server and project.

Cheapest windows vps plans

This VPS web host has data centers in New Jersey, and Los Angels, California. And for other features, there is instant setup and monthly pricing options, so, you can cancel anytime without worrying about contacts or complicated things.

4. PhotonVPS

This is not too popular like the above providers, but, it offers a great cloud VPS web hosting. Their VPS plans start from $10.95 per month, and you can get up to 32 GB RAM VPS, with 4 core processors with the Plesk control panel for $165 on a monthly payment.

The storage is fully built on SSD, and the company uses fast network uptime with over 100 Gbps internet connectivity which is super fast.

Keep in mind that this speed is not easy to reach for web hosting providers because of many complicated things. However, this one has it and that’s great.

For server locations, Photon VPS has servers in different data centers including the US, London, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Taiwan.

Windows cloud server plans

As you can see, these are the main five VPS plans they offer, all of them come with DDoS protection. And instead of limiting the DDoS features, they simply add a level to the maximum protection limits which is 10 Gbps.

With such a high level of server protection, your website will work no matter what the conditions are even under an attack.

5. Host1Plus

This powerful host uses KVM Hyper-V which is advanced and true virtualization and isolation technology for Hardware. The Windows hosting plans come with scalable resources. So, you no longer need the complicated setup to add RAM and bandwidth or CPU.

Also, you can schedule backups as you need. That way, you can schedule daily backs if that looks good for you, or choose weekly or monthly VPS backups if you don’t change the server too much.

6. HeartInternet

If you want a super-fast SSD VPS, then choose this company. They have UK decanters, so, it will work amazingly better for those who have visitors from that region.

The web host uses advanced VPS configurations and isolations for the highest levels of security.

With a true company like this one, you get good customer assistance by phone or live chat. Furthermore, you can choose the regular VPS plans or the fully managed Windows virtual private servers.

Of course, that cost more, but what’s better than a fully managed service? Everything will be better and you don’t have to worry about any technical issues. Expert hosting engineers will do the hard job for you and help 24/7.

This good VPS web host provides a Plesk control panel, load balancing technology, and simple backups. So, the company provides everything you need for managed servers that run on Windows OS

7. 1and1

This web host provides very cheap VPS plans. But for speed, it’s average and not recommended for eCommerce or professional projects.

Only use their low-cost plans for a blog or simple websites the RAM is limited unless you choose one of their high traffic plans.

VPS options

For website management or servers access, there is the Plesk tool with full root access. Also, there an optimized SSD storage for maximum speed and fast Internet connectivity.

The great thing about 1&1 is their scalable hosting plans, so, you can upgrade or downgrade your VPS resources anytime.

Thanks to their worldwide cloud infrastructure, this web host provides easy access, easy server management, and good network uptime.

Now, it’s time to focus on one of these recommended Virtual Private Server providers with Windows operating system. We highly recommend Liquid Web VPS for those who look for quality and server speed in parallel with the best customer support.

For many years, Liquid Web has been offering exceptional quality VPS hosting. Now, they continue optimizing, protecting and speeding up their whole infrastructure like no other web host does.

if you used any other Windows-based hosting, and you think it works well, make sure to mention it and we’ll do more testing before recommending it.

The above are the best and we tried them for a while. So, they’ll work for your website, application, and business in general.

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