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Best SSD Web Hosting Services: Affordable, Reliable and Fast

Compared to other disk storage solutions, SSD web hosting is much faster, more reliable and recommended for all kinds of websites. So, if you’re one of those who prefer choosing a good web hosting with SSD storage, so pick one of the following providers, and make your blog faster.

Before starting, we would like to mention that we used all the next services before writing about them. So, we learned how they work, what they have as options and what makes them different and recommended.

Thus, you get the right hosting advice that will help in growing your business and making your website fully secure and load faster.

Recommended shared SSD web hosting

1. InMotion Hosting

Want a super fast web hosting that’s cheap and reliable? So, chose InMotion Hosting. The provider offers god services with SSD servers and fast internet connectivity. We tested the InMotion’s SSD hosting and we found it better than the other providers. It’s not only a matter of speed but also, a server performance, security and the quality of the tools that the company offers.

With an easy to use cPanel control panel, you can access the website files anytime you want. Then, there is an FTP tool, SFTP, auto-installer software for lots of applications including WordPress and others, and more.

The data centers have SSD servers with backed batteries and non-volatile caching. That means, if something happens wrong when you edit a file, the server still has a cached backup, so, next time, you can just continue your previous work.

In addition, the web host has an automatic backup service, it saves a copy of your websites. So, when you need them again, you can restore a website with a few clicks.

SSD Web Hosting

We found this hosting great for all the needs, that includes, static website hosting, CMS, database hosting, application hosting and all the others.

Now, for those who prefer to secure access to their servers, there is an SSH access with pre-installed modules if you want.

2. InterServer

In terms of quality, InterServer is great as an SSD web hosting, but even better, the pricing is great and cheaper especially for monthly payment options. In other words, if you prefer to choose a monthly SSD hosting, then, you’ll pay $5 and no more.

Thus, compared to other web hosts, InterServer is the cheapest option. Of course, if you choose yearly plans, you’ll save money and get discounts.

InterServer is also a great unlimited web hosting provider, so, you don’t have to think about disk storage that will be pure SSD.

For operating systems, the web host has Linux and Windows servers. So, here is cPanel and also Plesk control panels.

Unlike many providers, InterServer store the database on separate SSD servers. So, when you host a website, the offloading database will increase the overall loading time. Also, that will fix the server crash problems if that happens in other cases.

3. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a fast, but affordable SSD hosting service. Their infrastructure is based on high preferences SSD servers and the best hardware technologies. Furthermore, this is a green web hosting that has a good reputation and good customer support.

GreenGeeks has a 30 days money-back guarantee, and also offer a free domain with premium quality email hosting and more.

For options, there is, shared SSD hosting, VPS, and also dedicated SSD servers. Of course, they have reseller hosting plans if you need one.

GreenGeeks also provided unlimited SSD disk storage and a free website builder tool. All that includes hundreds of high-quality website templates and responsive design. The hosting is instant and you can get your account ready to use in minutes.

You’ll receive a confirmation email with your account credentials and the cPanel login details. So, make sure to save that email for later use like accessing the FTP, or using the file manager to upload or download files.

VPS and dedicated SSD hosting

If you prefer a higher level of SSD web hosting on VPS or dedicated servers, then, we recommend Liquid Web. It’s the number one provider of high-performance web servers in the world. The multi-caching technology comes with the latest server optimizations and updates. So, the result is the fastest SSD hosting solution in the world with 100% uptime guaranteed.

Liquid Web has an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with optimized servers and protected power systems. We used the hosting for a while, and it worked perfectly. The company offers premium cloud hosting services and the best dedicated hosting solutions. So, if you have a website or an app that needs lots of bandwidth and fast storage, then, chose this solution.

There is fully managed hosting and also self-managed plans who prefer installing their own apps. However, the managed service is recommended for businesses and serious projects that need more security and protection.

For blogging, Liquid Web has the best-managed WordPress hosting, that cost more, but, you can’t compare it with all the others. WordPress will work faster on SSD and the latest PHP 7 language. In addition, MySQL will be hosted on super fast servers and that means a lot.

SSD web hosting vs HDD

Compared to HDD servers, SSD web hosting is faster and more reliable. SSD servers have Intel processor in the majority of the case, so, they access, the storage space faster. Then, the processor will execute the data better because of that. The whole operation that takes one second, for example, will take just take 0.1 seconds with SSD hosting.

Unlike HDD, SSD does not have physical movable parts, so, they will last longer. In addition, with HDD servers, there is a heat, and it’s the results of both the processor and also the movable parts of the disk drive. So, technically, SSD hosting is more reliable and the servers will last for a longer time.

We recommend SSD web hosting especially for applications and websites that need more speed and better performances. If you have an app that needs millions of calculations, then, SSD will fix your problems with slow loading time and other issues.

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